Dear Veteran,

dear veteran steer veterans ear better

dear better my name is Gabe honey joy


Randy Brittany Shannon Korea

Matthew Jonah Paul Laurie

I am a teacher a high school student a

varsity swim coach a senior a drama

teacher a husband and a father of three

just your average high school student

I'm writing this letter to you and all

your fellow servicemen for all you've

done for this country my family and for

me this letter is thank you for

protecting me all right our freedom I

thank God for all you've done by putting

yourself in harm's way and putting your

life on the line so I can continue to

enjoy the freedoms that I take for

granted sometimes you who is everything

to serve our nation in order to protect

us from tyranny and oppression know that

I respect you I support what you do and

I appreciate you because of this

sacrifice you and others like you past

and present have all

I think what you've done in order to

protect that is incredible awesome great

and I thank you all

it is individuals like you that I admire

greatly because you showed tremendous

courage because you put others I love

yourself because you care freedom to

worship my god an even greater desire to

respect our flag a sense of pride this

letter of appreciation is also from my

father Jean DeVries who served in the

Navy my uncle James who fought in Desert

Shield my son who served in the Army in


my cousin Kelly a retired Navy SEAL and

many of my students have joined ranks

within this battle for this country for

their home for our nation I want you to

know that I am praying for you and your

family all veterans and will bless

america you are an inspiration to my

family me and my peers and a great

you have earned my respect my gratitude

my thanks for all you do thank you

wouldn't even begin to explain what

you're done foods coming Oh always be

grateful thank you thank you thank you

thank you thank you