I made over $1,000 on the app this girl

right here I'll put it's not somewhere

in the screen

she machines will sit on anything gonna

be $250 and that could just go towards

your business okay so welcome that guy's

over my crotch and also basically I met

today with another video and this is

nice like part three like I said it's

going to continue a series if you

haven't watched any of the other ones

like how basically how I started my

business at 18 or whatever

I suggest you will watch part 1 and part

2 like I said any questions that you

have go unanswered they will always be

answer linked in the next video but I've

been getting a lot of questions about

like advertising and how to promote

their things and how to get clients and

understand clients how to get customers

how to deal with the whole social media

things I'm gonna be answering all those

questions in this video it's so hot here

like I'm sweating like I'm can't wait so

do your New York mix because I'm like

sweating like so guys like I was in LA a

couple days ago and I labels like mad

cold it wasn't what I expected it to be

but anyway that point I don't link but

yeah I won't be going back home to New

York next week I'll be there for a

couple of days I have a doctor's

appointment but if you're interested in

anything like as far as I care you want

your hair done whatever you want to

install let me know so DM me or whatever

and I'll be able you know touch your

nose I know what day I can do he asked

me like oh when you come to New York I

need my hair done blah blah if you don't

know who I am my name is name I give

YouTube I was a eyelashes I do hair

abuse blah blah I this is like my

full-time job how about the microwaves

not ready to like that I stopped working

when I turned 18 but all those questions

can be answered and like I said a part

once to go watch that if you haven't

already and what else not the same the

side is so hot oh I'll be disgusting I

found a really cheap point for

international shipping and I might have

run even better way for just regular

shipping like in the United States I

found a cheaper method for that too but

I'll talk about that in the next video

and people my taxes taxes taxes taxes

I'll talk about it but I kind of don't

want to talk about it because I don't

want to

like a tax person you know I'm saying I

don't want to talk about something I

don't like talking about things and I'm

not like 90 percent familiar with you

know I'm saying cuz I want people asking

questions I don't really know how to

answer because I'm not a tax person like

I'm not a I don't new taxes I never like

I pay taxes and stuff like that I don't

do it you know I'm saying that I don't

know everything about taxes my tax

person they tell me what to do and I

follow what they say you know so I'm

kind of like not sure from what talk

about taxes yet but if I will I'll let

you know but have some right now if you

want to know our taxes go check out

another video because I'm not talking

about that in this video so let's get

started basic tipping any lashes in

eyelashes are schooled by Asha first

sold out I am in the process of

restocking so I'm just basically

counting like how many boxes I have

laughs I can know like I'm saying I got

a new shipment of lashes and I'm still

waiting for some more

I'm busy just counting you know so i

inventory assess like I know how much

you know just soon I'll be aware of how

much product ahem Ilana himself so yeah

I know I write everything down cuz I

forget everything so let me find the

page okay so all right so basically I'm

just here just talking about like

advertising sales hiring new customers

all that kind of stuff basically

bringing in revenue all that kind of

stuff so what I have here is basically

just the first thing I could say oh this

is nothing everything because I know

that I'm not good with all of my videos

are people that are you know under 18

and awesome my video is how I started my

minutes at 18 when I first did it so I

know a lot people that are like I'm who

would that have been emailing me they're

like I'm 16 I'm 17 I want to start a

business I'd only had over 20 I have a

video on how to make like extra money if

it's not saying that this is a job and

extra money online you know saying cuz

obviously technology and everything so

should be all that time is a big wave

right now and obviously you guys have

really been making money off of it like

some good I'll put a snapper here I made

over a thousand dollars on the app this

girl right here I'll put it's not

somewhere on the screen

she machines a little I got anything I

made two hundred fifty dollars and that

could just go towards your business I'm

saying I'm saying like it's everything

it's not

extra monies money you didn't have from

the start it's a $250 that you got from

Italy doing nothing so I have the link

down below score digit until basically I

admit over thumbs up and I have I have a

link down below that's gonna make $250

people more content than my last to feel

like oh I made $60 I mean $100 so far

I've made this so obviously y'all have

been enjoying this I'm glad so I have a

link down below you know some extra

money if you are over you know upset

over 20 if you're under the age you're

not saying you don't really your job is

not really paying that much and you want

extra money just to help towards your

you know help towards your business or

whatever I also have the video I've had

me actually down below and I will be

doing another part 2 of that video

coming soon okay so let's go that's what

I'm saying

so it took me like iris highs me and

stuff like that first if you know first

and foremost tell your friends and your

family to help promote it you I mind my

mind from my mom and my the family urban

zones were often that they did that in

the beginning they promoted on what he

called it on their Facebook I don't have

facebook so I'm probably on Facebook was

nice and I realized that people that are

your age they'll support you about older

people or more so like be like oh my god

she's on her now saying she's doing her

thing whatever let me advise me mister


let me tell your friends your friends

and your parents your family to them you

know promote your stuff you know I'm

saying make it look all nice and classy

and stuff you know have like a fire or

whatever so your parents are posted and

we'll get until I kind of make fliers

where to get it from who's the best to

get it from all the kind of stuff we'll

get into that but definitely family and

friend is very easy they're your family

and friends up they're not gonna help

you you know so tell them to promote

your stuff that's just the one easy

thing out of the way okay another thing

is use hashtags whatever

hashtags might seem like you know I'm

saying a little like news network

but hashtag even I found but my nail

tech before I had this nail tech I was

like I found his nail sent from word of

mouth but my nails like that I had

before she was really really great too

but she was a little more it she was a

little deep and I had to make like gonna

claim in a deposit and I we don't like

doing that but when I first came I had

no clue

don't you know Orlando nail techs and I

found her so pastimes really do work use

hashtags hashtags there is something you

know very easy like just use hashtags

whatever you sell use hashtags use

hashtags for your you know for your

wherever say if you live in New Jersey

New Jersey stylists new whatever you

have in st. just use hashtags hashtags

will help along with I'm gonna be

physically showing you like how I how if

you know I have somebody if you want to

buy a flyer if you wanna like but I also

can show I'm gonna show you guys how to

make it like how I've made mine's

something that gets that later on I'm

thinking like the easy like stuff out of

the way so I guess it has ties to your

family your friends prom on your stuff

every single day but I don't think a

morning what about I like posting like

three four five times a day like dress

annoying put it in your story you know

I'm Sam and make sure you have a

diversity and that's how you don't

become annoying if you have like a

diverse amount of pictures like say you

so with you style skincare products

don't post the same skincare product

every single day

you're not saying pulse just you know

the skincare part of what other people

so it doesn't seem like repetitive it

seems like something new people will be

annoyed by looking at it

post probably your self you know

conscious every single day nobody else's

when do it for you so you better promote

just every single day not saying I'm

gonna be like my you know promote just

every day but I'm kind of on a different

because I have up you know I have a

little bit of a platform on Instagram

I'm you to have a platform so it's a

little bit different but I'm giving you

guys a myself what can work for you you

know the chroma every single game and

then paid promo I suggest you guys send

your thing but you know some some some

of these Instagram girls whatever they

do like it's you know if you just send

it to the non-sena to the peel box

they'll post it on their ongoing their

snapchat for free it's like that until

it take advantage if you don't have

physical money yet to pay somebody but

if you want I'm saying send it to these

Instagram girls like send them some

products email them you know

professionally ah hi I'm so-and-so I

have a business I would like to pay you

you please tell me your amount but be be

ready to paint you know I'm saying money

like don't reach out to anybody that has

like over like five hundred okay cuz

they're gonna charge you a lot try to

pee but I have like twenty twenty

thousand you know fifteen thousand your

than twenty five try but they'll

probably just charge

like $100 maybe like $150 but you know

everything is business business holidays

I'm sorry that I'm chewing gum but I

have to because I need to chew something

so definitely pay promo I that

definitely will help you miss a lot

maybe that'd be a new face so they take

a picture with it and something that you

could post on your own business page you

can post on your website posted on

whatever you can use that picture you

able to use that picture for whatever

you want so pay promo is definitely easy

but like I said be ready to pay you know

anything nothing for free let's say do

it like us free snapchat promo but that

doesn't mean that they physically have

to wear it if you set it to somebody's

pillbox that doesn't mean they have to

wear they don't have to do anything if

you pay them that's different now you

have a business you know I'm saying and

I recommend you like contracts or

whatever or really making sure you do

somebody that's trustworthy don't just

be doing

don't just be contacted and everybody

don't be contacting fake pages like make

sure you're make do your research you

don't saying don't get scammed do your

research so things like make sure you

have another way for like that is good

to you know get like custom and stuff

half coupon codes like to huncles are

perfect everybody loves a discount you

know I'm saying do free shipping if you

order $20 you know $20 or more a product

whatever you're never saying oh five

dollars off using this coupon code to

Punk holes people they're saving

money they they're more inclined to buy

you know I'm saying coupon codes are

perfect and so coupon codes adding free

gifts to like up to where mu so adding

some free gifts that will make people

like not make people want to come back

and buy again like oh wow she sent me an

extra pair of lashes or she sent me

whatever I you know eyelash curler or

she sent me a hair brush a hair that's

maybe people want to come back and buy

from you again

you know officially and if you do send

your products to somebody like what I do

I include a coupon code when they get

their tracking number and so I say you

know this is automatic message you know

if the response is your tracking number

thank you for purchasing use this coupon

code for an SME purchase love luck thank

you for purchasing you know whatever so

they makes them more inclined to buy

again you fill me post reviews reviews

and stuff like that those help those

make people and people who just say

somebody that happens to stumble across


Paige they say they want to buy with and

they're kind of like not sure lovin

earnestness this song you know whatever

she doesn't have that many followers I'm

not really sure she could be an

invisible people there's no people they

don't trust you know they're not sure so

by you posting reviews and closing

people DMA you saying thank you or or I

received my lashes oh my god it's so

cute that's making people more inclined

to buy so she may just come across the

B's and they have no idea who you are

and then they say oh wow okay this

person received their product this

person received their product so they're

more like okay I'm most likely I'll get

my product to buy buy you make people

feel more secure with ordering with you

so pulse or use pulse picks of people

saying thank you so much post that stuff

okay and um post on your business page

frequently I haven't as a recently but

my but my what I'm saying how that said

because I also have my own personal

Instagram and I promote on and I also

have YouTube people come new people come

across my YouTube every single day so

it's somebody you use the video I have

in my description oh by my lashes look

the insane so I don't have to post my

pulse on my business page every single

day but I do recommend that other people

do you know and what I do restock I will

be posting much more sometimes we can be

tagging me and stuff and then I don't

see it and those how you like getting

their story and stuff and I'll see you

once the 24 hours is over and over like

this person mentioned doing their story

and I'll be like oh crap but and I'm

like can you resend it to me cuz I I'll

be missing you know whatever but it's

not a big deal but I try to catch it

when I can okay so now what you guys

want to know so I am email subscription

email subscriptions email subscriptions

are basically what you since I there's a

flyer like oh hey we're back in stock

use this code to order basically you

which have how I get my emails as I'm a

person and my website they already set

up and the president website stuff and

I'll give you somebody who do my website

and like tyr's me do my website and do

my business cards all the kind of stuff

we're gonna I'm gonna be showing you

that on the computer it'll be linked

down below so you can just click the

link down below take you straight to the

site I got you so email subscriptions

are very important I feel like why

because it's made it easier cuz people

these people ever have already ordered

so most likely up with the order from

you again you know so when I based I'll

show you how I made it but I basically

that has me

when I first did it I hope you like a

lot of the customers that I had they

came from them just reordering they're

like oh wow she sent me you know email

fliers saying oh you know organ but by

order I'll get like $5 off I'll get free

shipping whatever and a lot of people

ordered so I'll show you how to make

like the email flyer all the kind of

stuff and then also I'll show you how to

do like um a fly that you can pull some

Instagram or whatever I hope us are you

beautiful mean but I'll show you how to

make like a fly for like Instagram all

that kind of stuff and I also have

people down below through 1 @p somebody

and they're very affordable at $25 $20 I

have a link down below it's called favor

it will be linked down below but I'll

show it I'm gonna show you guys right

now physically how I personally do it so

keep watching ok so this website it's

called canva this is kind of hammock my

thumbnails and stuff like that so this

is how I did this is what I use to make

my um this is what I used I had you know

back in stock and I did all this stuff

on my own and I'm this is not gonna be

I'm not gonna show you guys how to do it

but I'm just telling you guys that you

guys can do it on here they have like

what it's called like templates

templates that you can use here Suzy I

got like I got this off of Google it's

just it's removable

you kind of did I got this background I

just downloaded it from Google you know

I'm saying like these are my own

pictures and stuff that I said look on

my phone I wrote this you know I wrote

this stuff out you know I just put I

went to like text and yeah I just typed

out lashline I picked up the color so if

you know the font all that kind of stuff

like it really wasn't that complicated

and I just emailed it to my eat the

people who are who are subscribed to my

email list emailing list so we don't

want to physically do this yourself yeah

say it did say I mean I'm used to it now

because like I said I do like all of my

like my intro my outro my thumbnails I

do it all myself so I've kind of gotten

used to it but if you don't have time

and you want to go real real good for

professional one I was pretty proud of

myself for how it came you know how I

did the first time so if you want like a


I recommend hold on

I recommend I recommend Sivir and I'll

have a link down below and I believe if

you click down below you'll get $10 off

your first purchase which it you know

which will be really really great like

for example this girl she did my

business cards I'm not gonna show you my

business card because I didn't do it yet

but like she also does like thank-you

cards and stuff like that all you have

to do is search all you got to do is

type whatever if you want a business

card type business cards you see like

business cards if you want somebody

likes a website you type in website so

click the link down below you'll get $10

off early it's $10 or $5 grellus that's

still a discount you know so you know

website designer or whatever and you

just paste a whole bunch it will pop up

and you basically just like look through

like things like this they'll have like

pictures or like their work and stuff

pictures of like the work they have done

and stuff like that and that's how you

know if you want to go with them you can

email about you know like talk to them

inbox them on this website and talk to

them back and forth this is what I use

for everything like these thank-you

cards only $40 you know I'm saying to

like definitely check out several that I

tell people all the time and you guys

still be like oh my god please tell me

more like do your own research I do I'm

giving you guys like I'm trying to give

you that as much information as I as I

possibly can which you guys have to also

take the initiative to do you know I'm

saying to do your own research if you

really want to be a business person do

the work like put the work in don't just

be a person that just accidentally for

favors and can you tell me how you do

this can you tell me how to do this when

I started YouTube when I did my business

I didn't act like I said and I'm I'm

very proud of this not saying that

everybody has to go this way but I did

everything on my own

I did my own research every single day I

did my research staying up oh I was the

night just cuz I was so interested in I

was just so motivated like had that

motivation to do anything to do it on

your own like die I guess so and people

be like can you tell me at people be

emailing me for can you tell me

everything of how you started your


can you tell me step by step by step by

step what am I look like look we got had

time I did all the work and all the

research I used for me to just tell you

all the information know do your own

even I'm helping you guys I still want

you guys to still have that motivation

that initiatives is still you know do

the research on your own you know I'm

saying like this is your business if

you're serious about a ticket serious

and you know I'm saying do the research

figure it out on your own yeah I'm

saying like ain't nobody

we handed to you nobody's handing up

into you so you get used to people like

just telling you everything in the

beginning you're gonna be you know in

for like a slap in the face when the

business the business actually starts

because you're gonna do a lotta that

easy what I expected because you didn't

really put in no work you're just

actually ready for answers and they gave

it to you and then you think everything

is all easy and sweet and dandy but it's

really not you know so I'm good we're

gonna finish up the video I'm gonna tell

you like a couple more tips and tricks

and stuff like that and this videos

gonna be done but don't go away because

I can say I'm not done I'm us I put the

camera back on that ring light I don't

want to show anybody my actual business

card yet so I'm just gonna cover it and

stuff but you can go to vistaprint too

because when you get your um business

cards or thank-you cards or whatever

designed you can have it printed out

from this apprentice real cheap will be

like twenty five to forty dollars which

is really really cheap to print out your

own those don't you like 100 I believe

like 100 and more on business cards so

this the print is really perfect for you

know after after you get um after you

the person designs your um I don't know

why I'm stuttering designs your own

business cards or thank-you cards

whatever they still play you just upload

what you know when they send it to you

you just download it you know download

the file they sent of what other of

their design and then you just put it

you'll just upload it to mr. print and

then basically you can basically you

could do like this like they'll ask you

do you want it like Matt do you want it

glossy do you want it so you know square

do you want it rounded stuff like that

like it'll just be so easy I'm Trustin

telling you trust me is so easy like

look it's 24 hours like before like 100

business cards which is so perfect okay

so I forgot to show you guys about the

vistaprint thing um yes so I session

with you guys that basically that is

basically all I'm promised you guys if

you guys follow all these all these

stuffs and stuff like that your business

should do perfectly fine if you've been

following from where I said from date

you know from part one to now I'm

telling you it's you know even if you

make a little bit of you know I'm saying

like even if you make like one step for

do you feel like two customers that's

better than zero you know I'm saying a

little bit is better than nothing

at all so you don't get discouraged if

you know you don't have like you don't

have an order you don't have an order

one day or like people telling us how

cool and I am kind of discouraged and

they don't have having had an order in

like two weeks I have another order in

like three weeks I have had my first

order yet you know I'm saying slow and

steady wins the race so yeah we

perfectly fine I'm telling promise if

you follow all these like all these neon

st. tips and stuff you should be good

like it's more a lot about businesses

that is about marketing marketing is

very important as long as you're

marketing your product and stuff

marketing will be able to engage people

more like a lot of these brands how they

got so populist because of marketing

they've got their stuff on the right

people on the right bases on the you

know I'm saying they got their stuff and

that we know what's the right names and

stuff like that so it's about marketing

marketing marketing marketing the

marketing is so important so even me

doing that I'm doing right now that's

still marketing I'm still marketing my

brain my eyelashes you know I'm saying

people even the way they come across the

video they say like oh who was this girl

why why is she

you know why is she qualified to give

advice and they go my way Instagram on

my website whatever and they say okay

you know now they have an idea of who I

am but that's the marketing they say and

only before they do now they know my

business before but they do they know my

business now so marketing is very

important but I said I'll be milder warm

I'll have a part for par-5 it'll be like

everything I think that's so much for

watching don't forget to share my lashes

if you support your girl and I don't

know what support some businesses like I

don't want to like I'm not trying to

sell shady but like I'm not necessarily

gonna be wearing a but anybody that

sells like my stuff and maybe wearing

somebody else's eyelashes that kind of

just is weird you know I'm saying but

definitely if you sell obviously hair

help them would do I already have too

much hair already but you still sell

like skincare or whatever like perfume

clothes whatever let me know and I'll

definitely try to you know try to

support or whatever just let me know

down below it's like that and yeah hope

you guys so much