WRITE A LETTER to Old Person About... Weather? // LUJP

my last video was all about conversation

starters that you can use with Grandma

over the holiday season but today I'm

realizing those conversation starters

could work beyond the holidays it could

work every day of our lives if we wanted

it to we just have to notice even if the

holidays weren't coming up it would be

something that you could put it in a

letter write down a little note to your

grandma and throw it in the mail just to

have her open randomly one day and send

her a little reminder that you care once

you decide to write a letter the

question quickly becomes what to put in

it first off it doesn't have to be

anything groundbreaking we're not

writing a novel here a simple postcard

would do but today I thought I would put

in my letter how weird the weather has

been here in Boston it's right now as

I'm saving this it's November and all

I'm wearing is a sweater with leggings

and my favorite flats not necessarily

cold-weather wardrobe stuff which don't

get me wrong I'm not complaining but

it's weird I could put that in my letter

and I can also talk about how I've now

been able to walk a ton so right now I'm

on my way to go to the grocery store and

buy some food and then the question

becomes maybe has this weather been

affecting agriculture has the food crop

then weird probably the weather patterns

have been strange and I'm sure a grandma

or grandpa would have something to say

about that they've certainly seen a lot

more weather than we have obviously

these things work well with other family

members are just people that you don't

stay in close contact with but would

like to you know send a little note so

yeah today's P IML is whether and how

strange it's been recently see you guys

in the next one

there's a puppy coming Oh many puppies

dog walker pee IML put in my letter