How to write and mail a really nice letter to a friend (step by step instructions)

all right so you want to write a letter

let's get into exactly how to do that

and get it in the mail get it sent to

your recipient the person you're sending

the letter to and I'm making this video

because a lot of people have never sent

a letter before you know I'm 33 years

old at the time of recording this I was

very young when casual correspondence

between individuals was still a thing

and as I grew up me the internet came

about and email came about and texting

and you know and we've always had we

always had phones so just sending the

letter really fell by the wayside

at a young age for me so if you're

younger than me you probably have little

or no experience writing letters so I

wanted to put something together

together a video that really goes

through the whole process and this whole

process before I get into it it's all

about putting thought and detail and

care into what you're doing okay

that's the whole that's what letters

that's the purpose that sending the

letter serves in today's society in the

with the technology that we have sending

the letter is a statement it's a

statement that you care that you're

putting thought into something that you

wanted to say something special that you

want to make someone feel special people

don't get letters at best they get cards

they get Christmas cards birthday cards

really do they get actual piece of paper

with some type of long-form thought put

on it you know spreading news giving

thanks those types of things it's

usually usually we've gotten to that

note card point but actually writing a

letter on a piece of paper is something

that people don't get anymore so I want

to show you how to do that how you get

it in the mail and do it the right way

so that it's well received so there's a

few things you need to write your letter

and they are you need paper and you can

write your letter obviously with a pen

if it's something more informal or

casual something for business you're

going to want to type that print it on a

computer on a printer

you need an envelope you need your

return address so where you want the

letter to be or turn to if it were to

get if it were to not be able to be

delivered for some reason and then you

need your recipients address where you

want to send the letter and then lastly

you need some postage which is your way

of paying the post office to send your

letter okay so the first step is to

write your letter and I've already done

that so I have a letter here just a

little sample letter that I wrote this

is a casual letter to a friend and I

just want to point out a few things

about it and that really applies to

casual letters and business letters

first is I included a date on the letter

something that most people don't

remember to do or just don't do this is

important because your letter can get

caught up in the mail and you want

people to know like when you actually

wrote what you're saying you know it

could be five days it could be ten days

if you're sending your letter overseas

internationally it could be a long time

before your letters received so you want

people to know when you wrote the letter

because things could have changed since

then and it just gives them a concept a

frame time frame of when you actually

put these thoughts down on paper so

always include the date at the top in

the top right corner you want a greeting

so I just put dear friend here you could

just put their name and a comma really

there's a number of options there I'm

not going to get into that but you want

your greeting then you want your body of

the letter which I have right here and

then you want some type of signature and

I've signed this sincerely David my name

there's a lot of different options here

as well since you can't go wrong with

sincerely its traditional it's at least

you know from an American English

standpoint is traditional you could say

your friend comma you could say love

depends on you know find the right word

for the recipient for the tone of your

letter and then if you if you wrote your

letter and you signed it

you're like oh I forgot I wanted to

include one more thing you can always

include a postscript or a PS then I've

done that here PS I forgot to tell you

something so you can just write right

after that okay now this is a short

letter it's one page you could write a

multiple page letter you can write on

the back of this page if you wanted to

if you include a letter that's longer

than two pages it's good to start

numbering the pages after the first page

so you have a three page letter you want

to put numbers in the bottom right hand

corner or somewhere in the corner maybe

the top right corner just start

numbering the pages so that when they

read the letter they don't get it all

mixed up you know because once they take

the letter out they can mix up the pages

and you want to make sure they have it

in the right order so it's just another

little minor detail you can include that

makes it easier for the person receiving

your letter to read it okay that's bait

that's all I want to cover on just

writing the letter like I said you could

type this up it's four bits more for a

more business purpose formal purpose

alright so after you've written your

letter I'm going to set that aside the

next step is to address your envelope

and I've done that here okay when in

dressing an envelope there's two things

you need to include you need to include

your return address which is typically

going to be your home address okay and

if you're leaving your if your gonna be

I'll get into mailing your letter but if

you're mailing your letter from your

home if you're leaving it in your own

mailbox to be picked up by the postal

worker then you need to you need to have

your own return address in the top left

corner here okay

a lot of postal workers will not pick up

a letter if it's has a return address

different than your own home address

that said you can include a different

return address in your own home address

if and you could just drop it in a

mailbox somewhere in a postal mailbox

that you've probably seen around your

town or at a post office itself so we

have your return address on the top left

you have your friends or your recipient

address right in the middle here and of

course with the address you need for

both your return and the recipient

address you need

so you have your friends name here you

need your recipient address Street so

that goes next so this is just a fake

street that I made up one two three

friends Street and then if they have if

they're in an apartment very important

to include their apartment number Suite

number whatever it is this person's at

apartment one if they're in an apartment

you don't include that your letter might

not get delivered because the postal

worker they might just reject it they

might just say I'm not going to take the

time to figure out which mailbox this

goes in sometimes that's not the case

sometimes they will deliver it and then

lastly you need the city the state name

which you can write out in full or you

can abbreviate which I've done here is

al for Alabama and you can look up

online all the state abbreviations if

you don't know what the abbreviation is

and then a zip code the five digit zip

code here a note that I have included

the zip code on the same line as the

city and state or over in the return

address I didn't want to keep writing

out here so I just put it on its own

line you can always include the zip code

on its own line okay all right so our

letter has been addressed with our

return address a recipient address now

we can add our postage now I'm in

America and in America we have what I

call forever stamps so if you buy a

stamp what's called a stamp or a forever

stamp in America it's always going to be

enough postage for a regular letter like

this alright but there's a lot of

different things you can and can't do

with letters so a letter can't only be

so big and this one is definitely not

too big I don't know what the exact

sizes are you have to look that up but

if you're mailing a large letter or a

regularly sized letter if you have a

square envelope for some reason they're

not going to take that if you have a

vertical if you were to address the

letter like this with the return address

up here and then return here they're not

going to take that without special

postage okay so you can send any kind of

letter you want any size but they might

require more postage than the standard

postage but if you're sending a standard

letter like this or I have a legal size

envelope like this which is also a very

common letter-size this is a seven this

I would just call legal envelope or yeah

a legal envelope or a business envelope

just needs one stamp as long as it's a

forever stamp and you put that stamp in

the top right corner and again it's just

the little things I like to take a

little bit of care here and just line it

up real nice in the corner so that

there's kind of even spacing on each

side and it's not crooked it just looks

it just looks really nice when you do

that okay so I've applied my stamp and

the last thing to do here one other last

thing but the next thing to do here is

to insert the letter O so I can get my

letter here now you want to stack your

pages if you have more than one and then

you want to fold them from top to bottom

like this okay so I'm folding like this

and I'm putting a nice crease on it you

know assuming your paper won't fit in

the envelope which most times it won't

now I'm going to turn my letter my

envelope over and I'm gonna stuff it so

that when the recipient pulls it out all

they have to do is fold it up and they

can begin reading okay another little

detail to to take care of when you're

sending a letter okay you just want this

to be in here so that when they pull it

out they just fold it up and they can

start reading so I done it like this

they'd pull it out unfold it then they

have to turn it over like this not a big

deal but it's the little details that

make your letter special so I'll put

that in there I'll just seal this now

this has a a glue coating on the back

that is activated by water or saliva so

I'll just lick it to wet it and I can

press it down to seal okay now my letter

is sealed it's ready to be mailed now

real quick before we go on you might be

sending a letter like this with the

eight-and-a-half by eleven sheet and

kind of a standard legal sized envelope

now for these need to fold it three

times or do a trifold not a bifold and

to do that you just fold it once over

like this

and you can kind of line it up and then

complete the fold like this all right

now you want to stuff it in the envelope

so that when they open it up your

writings up here and they can easily

read it as well

all right so one little minor detail

that I would I'm not gonna do right here

but I did I put lines on my envelope

here with a ruler so that I could write

the address very straight and I also

printed the address in my best

handwriting so that they can easily be

read by the post postal workers and that

just makes it that just increases the

chance that your letters are going to

get delivered and most almost all

letters are delivered it's very high

rate of delivery by the US Postal

Service in America but if they can't

read your address it's not going to get

delivered and if they can't read your

return address it's not going to come

back to you and putting lines down

writing in print those are just little

things that make it that much easier for

the postal worker to read my address

that I've written on here and it makes

it look nicer for the person that is

receiving the letter now I forgot to do

this but before I send this letter I

would erase these lines because it just

makes it look that much nicer and I'm

actually kind of glad I did that you

guys now you can see how much nicer it

looks now that I've erased the lines on

the envelope okay I have my little brush

here that you might not have but you can

just use your hand to wipe it off to

make sure your inks dry where you do

that and just looks really nice now that

there's no lines

this letter is ready to be sent okay now

mailing the letter very easy you

probably have a mailbox at your home you

can always drop your letter in the

mailbox and your postal worker is going

to take that letter next time they

deliver mail to your house all right so

that's the easiest way to do it if you

want to make sure your letter gets out

as soon as possible what I often like to

do is I just take my letter to the

nearest post office and I drop it in the

box inside the post office or I find a

post office box somewhere you

in my home USPS has blue post office

boxes all over town over the country

and if you go up to them you can drop

your letter in one of those and you can

actually see the pickup times on the box

and you can see when they're going to

come pick your letter up from that box

and if it's before that pickup time and

you know they're going to pick it up

today if it's after the pickup time

they're going to pick it up tomorrow

unless tomorrow is Sunday of course so

that is pretty much it that's mailing a

letter I encourage you to give it a try

you can send me a letter if you go to if

you go to write with your arm comm click

on the contact button you can get my

address and send me a letter I'd love to

get a letter from you I always write

back well yeah I encourage you to try it

out you know writing a letter to a

friend when you want to say something

special to a family member it can really

be a special thing for them and

sometimes you can say things in a letter

that you might not be comfortable saying

in a text or on the phone or in person

and sometimes those things need to be

said and a letter might be the only way

you feel comfortable saying them or it

might be the most appropriate way to say

them so keep that in mind and for

business purposes I mean sending the

letter if you get a job interview you

know follow up with an email follow up

with a letter too that's gonna make a

big impression and have that letter

ready to go you know the day that you

did the job interview and if they get

that letter before they make their final


that's going to make them and you've

written a nice letter that has great you

know it looks nice and it's detailed

that's really going to make them think

twice about you as a candidate and

consider you a little more strongly so

just a few things thanks for watching I

hope you enjoyed the video let me know

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