Bride and Groom Write Emotional Letters Before Their Wedding // Amanda + Cole


dear dad today is the day I've been

dreaming about ever since I was a little


everything about that dream is finally

coming true and my only wish is that you

could be here to share it with us

your presence is deeply missed today but

I know that you're still here we have

sprinkled your love throughout this day

ensuring that you are a part of it but

how could you not be you are my sunshine

today and every day I feel your light

and warmth there are so many things that

I love about coal that remind me of you

your calming presence and how you used

to put all of my worries at ease our

shared love of basketball that gave us

so many more moments together the way

our college friends have become our

family much like yours have become mine

and it's all the small things like the

familiar sound of ESPN playing in the

background as I make my morning coffee

in the Springer Spaniel snuggled on my

couch that makes me feel right at home

safe and loved



you lived every single day full of love

and life you had this ability to light

up any room that you walked into and a

twinkle in your eye when you talked

about the things that you are most

passionate about you always welcomed

with a hug and left with an I love you

and for that I'm grateful so today we

will be missing you but I promise to

love a little harder laugh a little

louder and dance a little longer with

you in our hearts I know that you'll be

shining down love always your girl


alright let's all take a moment to get

present and grounded you can take a deep

breath feel your feet on the ground look

out over the water smell the air

whatever helps you open your senses more

widely so you can be fully present

throughout the ceremony Cole and Amanda

I want you to look out at your guests

bask in the love that shines back from

the smiling faces of your friends and



lady you don't




if I could describe Amanda best I always

say Amanda loves love she invests her

whole self into love and always has

she's even made a successful career out

of being a part of others love stories

Cole is patient he is so kind and he's

secretly hilarious but best of all he is

Amanda's balance in his rancor


we can

about halfway through freshman year I

met Amanda and it's almost as if my

heart let out a sigh of relief as to say

thank you this is exactly what I needed

I instantly felt a sense of home in our

new friendship a feeling of serendipity

that I will forever cherish as I know

connections on a soulful level are

limited in a lifetime when Amanda met

Cole I certainly wasn't the plus one at

family functions and I didn't have a

pinnacle whip screwdriver waiting for me

every Thursday night not to mention the

utter shock of the entire campus because

they surely thought that Amanda and I

were dating and then I met Cole and I

could tell that Amanda's heart led out

that same sigh of relief because he was

her sense of home





but a couple years later where it's a

Friday night or hanging out their place

they've been living together together

for a couple years and it's a Friday

night I'm third-wheeling as usual and

this aunt Myrtle sort of music and the

song Africa by toto comes on and Cole

just picks up their cat posh and he just

starts dancing weather and this and the

three of them to start dancing with each

other and I'm just sitting on the couch

by myself and I look I'm like holy

they're getting married I know it I know

it I know they're getting married I


promise to grow alongside of you as we

build our future together to fill our

lives and home with laughter and

sunshine I promise to never stop dancing

in the kitchen to adventure near and far

and to love you unconditionally even

when I don't like you Cole Bronson Libby

just by being you you have made me a

better me you have shown me a different

way to live life to live in the now

because tomorrow is never promised you

are my today all my tomorrows it is with

these vows knowing who I am and who I

want to be that I take you

your love has looked at me through grief

and celebrate it with me oh joy

you are my today and all of my tomorrows

it is with these vows knowing who I am

and who I want to be that I take you to

be my husband






to my future husband it's finally here

the day we've been dreaming about for so

long I remember envisioning the day and

getting butterflies just thinking about

all the details coming together

celebrating with our family and friends

but most importantly becoming your wife

Amanda look how far we've come it was

just seven years ago that we sat in the

same room at the McDonald's basketball

banquet not even knowing who each other

was it was a year and a half later that

we went out on our first date we've been

a part of each other's lives ever since

the opportunity to share this life

together is one of the greatest gifts

from grocery shopping and dog-walking to

building a career and home together you

make the little and big moments brighter

you are my family and I can't wait to

see what our future holds so where do I

start do I start with your unconditional

love not only towards me but towards

everyone around us where do I start with

talking about your hard work and passion

and dedication that you emulate no

matter what the circumstance that's the

thing there's just too many things that

I love you

too many things that I could have it

write down on paper about you too many

things that I could list off and asked

what my favorite thing about you is

you're just amazing in every way

together we have been through so much

you held my hand on some of my darkest

days and we're always by my side through

every achievement and celebration before

this moment you have kissed a thousand

times maybe more but they kiss you're

about to share marks the beginning of

something new today your kiss is a

promise no longer simply partners and

best friends I now pronounce you husband

and wife

Paul you may kiss your bride



on October 17th 2013

you said I love you for the first time

and I wrote with my journal he comforts

me in silence and he makes me laugh

without fear our love has grown so much

from that day but yet it still remains

the same you are my person the one

constant in my life my family my friend

my whole heart in my home I love you Col

Bronson Libby and I can't wait to be

your wife love always Amanda