Bridesmaids Write Letters to their Best Friend (The Bride!) on Wedding Day | Flagstone Farm Wedding

all right so today's the day September 1st 2018 Trey Mallory would you have

ever thought in the fall of 2014 in your first semester of nursing school that

you'd be standing here today

21st birthday 22nd birthday bachelorette trip...Mal I can't believe

you're getting married today we've been talking about let's say forever and

today I get to stand beside you as you marry the man of your dreams when I

think of you all I can think of is the Lord's faithfulness I'm so blessed that

he has given me a friend in you all of these years through the good and the bad

and the ugly you have been so loved and so treasured

I can't help but burst with joy to think that you have found someone who sees

just how amazing you are.

and today's temperature is slightly different than when you guys got engaged

where I understand was like arctic cold as you described it? So that's just

part of the journey that God has been taking you through and knowing that

today would be the day that you guys would be standing here together.

He brings out the fun in Mallory and like lets her be just her normal

like her let loose self I guess. You've always been like a big sister to me and

I look up to you in more ways than one you are going to be the most beautiful

bride I could not have hand-picked a better man for you than Trey I'm so

excited to see where the Lord has planned for Y'all. The best is yet to

come sweet 'cuz. Love, Joy

I love you buddy let's do the dang thing it's wedding time

You look good. From now on your thoughts shall be

for each other rather than your individual selves your plans shall be

mutual your joys and sorrows shall be shared alike

This one light cannot be divided neither shall your lives be divided

united testimonial Christian home. May the radiance

in this one light be a testament of community in the Lord Jesus Christ

Mallory I give this ring to you as a sign that I choose you

as a reminder that I was always love you. Trey I give this ring to you

May this ring stay as a reminder

that I will always stay faithful as Jesus has been faithful to us.

They are husband

and wife together in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit you may kiss

your bride

ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I present to you for the

first time mr. and mrs. Trey and Mallory


I've been praying for you and Trey since y'all began this journey and I can't

wait to see how amazing you will be as mr. mrs. Ezelle I couldn't have picked a

better man to guard your heart and walk through life with you.