6 Ways to Cheer Someone Up in English

hi I'm Emery with speak confident

English and welcome to your confident

English Wednesday lesson last week I was

with a goober friends we went out at the

end of the day to just spend time

together have a drink talk about our day

what was happening in our lives and one

of my friends was having a super crappy

day it started with spilling coffee on

herself on the way to work in her car

and then it just progressed from there

it was a snowball effect she got some

bad news at work the school called her

and told her one of her children was

sick it was just terrible and at the end

of the day she was exhausted she was

upset she wanted to quit or give up on

everything so my friends and I our job

was to help cheer her up to make her

feel better to try to make her laugh and

feel happy and I know that sometimes you

might be in the same situation sometimes

you might go to work or you might see

your english-speaking neighbor or a

friend and they're having a terrible day

they need someone to cheer them up they

need someone to make them laugh or make

them smile so how could you do that in

English of course we can do things for

example we can send someone flowers we

can give someone a hug or we can send

them a really stupid funny video on

Facebook just to make them laugh but of

course sometimes we want to say

something we want to respond to their

story about their day about whatever it

is that happened that was terrible

upsetting or hurtful so that's what

we're going to learn today we're going

to focus on what you can say to someone

to cheer them up and

English will do this by thinking of a

few different situations different

examples of a really bad day and what

you could say to support them encourage

them make them laugh and ultimately

cheer them up now sometimes a bad day

doesn't mean everything is a disaster it

might be that you have a friend who

needs to make a really difficult

decision and she's stressed she's upset

she doesn't know what to do and she

can't think about anything else maybe

she can't eat she can't concentrate at

work because she has to make this

difficult decision one of my favorite

ways to say that I support someone or if

I want to encourage them is you've got

this it's a simple sentence that lets

the other person know we believe in them

we know that they can do it they can

make the right choice or maybe they're

doing something that's really hard for

example maybe someone is training for a

marathon it's a goal that they've had

for a really long time

but it's getting hard and they want to

give up so your goal is to encourage

them we could also use this expression

you've got this

it simply means you can do it I believe

in you and I support you another great

way to let someone know that you support

them is I've got your back

I've got your back again this expresses

your support that you will be there for

them and you will support them no matter

what now let's go back to that situation

where recently my girlfriends and I went

out and one of them had a terrible day

like I said at the end of the day she

was just exhausted and upset and ready

to give up one of the best things that

we can say to let someone know that we

are there to support them is to

lycée I'm here to help whatever you need

I'm here to help maybe that means

helping getting dinner ready for her

family or that means picking her up for

work because her car is at the mechanic

maybe it simply means having a shoulder

to cry on and that is another great

thing to say I'm here if you need a

shoulder to cry on sometimes people just

need to get all of those tears out they

just need to cry for five minutes ten

minutes and then they're finished

they're past it they're over it but it's

helpful if they have a friend who is

there with them as a shoulder to cry on

now let's finish with a couple of more

humorous things that you could say to

cheer someone up these last few examples

would be great for someone that you know

really well so this could be a co-worker

that you're close to

you know them very well or a really good

friend and maybe they've had a

disastrous day or maybe they had a

recent breakup and they're really upset

about it your goal is to make them feel

better maybe even to make them laugh so

you might call your friend or send her a

text and say should I come over tonight

with ice cream pizza and a movie

who doesn't want ice cream pizza and a

movie when they're really upset just

saying those makes most people feel

better and if you send it in a message

an email a text or say it to a friend on

the phone it will probably make them

smile or laugh and the second thing that

you could say to maybe make a friend or

co-worker smile is to say if you need

some retail therapy

I'll go with you retail therapy is an

expression that we use to talk about

going shopping to make you feel better

now that isn't true for everybody but

some people do feel better just with the

idea of going shopping

something for fun and we call that

retail therapy

of course what is really the most

helpful and important is that you are

spending time with your friend when

she's upset or going through a difficult

situation but that little message will

definitely make someone smile or laugh

and with that you have six ways to cheer

someone up when they're having a

terrible day or going through a

difficult situation now of course there

are so many things that we can say to

cheer someone up and you might have

something that you could say that I

didn't mention so I would love to hear

from you you can share your own examples

things that you've heard or maybe you've

said in the past just below this video

in the comment section it's a great way

to share with others learn from others

in the confident English community and

of course you can get feedback for me as

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useful to you and with that it's time

for you to try this in real life if you

have a friend going through a difficult

situation or having a bad day or to

someone who just needs to smile try

using one of these new sentences today

thank you so much for joining me I look

forward to hearing from you in the

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