how i improved my handwriting

hello people on the internet today I

wanted to show you how I improved my

handwriting throughout the past couple

of months I think these tips can benefit

anyone who wants to improve their

handwriting regardless of how your

current penmanship looks like the first

thing I did was to actually find

inspiration the study gram or study blur

community can offer great inspiration

sources my personal favorites are 80

studies meta studies and study quill on

Instagram I will link their respective

accounts down in the description box

below so make sure to check them out

because their handwriting is gold

capital geo ALS I try to find some

common denominators among the different

styles and notice how none of them

really connect their letters meaning

they're not writing cursive which is

something that really can help the

overall look of your handwriting the

next thing I did was to actually look

over my older handwriting and figure out

exactly what I didn't like and what I

did like without spending hours of

practicing which if you have the time

you can definitely do you won't really

be able to copy someone else's

handwriting 100% so instead of copying

you want to try really improving and

that starts with your own handwriting

mine wasn't bad to begin with but it did

look messy the letters were not clean

and they were also quite inconsistent

and also whiter and I connected my

letters a lot so I made sure not to do

that anymore and I also changed certain

letters for example my capital G m and W

and mellorak case L T and G's so

whenever I write these letters I'm more

conscious of how I want them to look

these small changes make a huge

difference so pay attention to your own


the third tip is to be conscious when

writing which means to write slower at

first this might seem tedious but on a

long-term basis it really changes your

handwriting permanently your brain and

muscle will remember the movements much

better and you're going to be able to

write faster in the future had to be

honest for me if I want to write neatly

I still write slower than before so make

sure to be okay with it if you have to

take notes in class

your handwriting will most likely not

look super neat because you are under

time pressure however the first tip can

really balance that out to a certain

point and that is to figure out your

preferences by asking yourself some

questions the first one would be what

pen do you like to write with for some

it might be a pencil a ballpoint pen or

a gel pen I do realize the most study

grammars use a gel pen but if you like

to use a ballpoint pen please do not

switch to gel pen just because other

people use it I mean of course you can

try it out but don't force yourself to

like something that you really don't for

me personally I guess I can write and

cool you well with all of them maybe not

the mechanical pencil but as long as the

nib size is right I'm okay and then is

the second question what net size do you

prefer when I write with anything tuner

than point five millimeters it will

start to look Messier and shaky er so I

tend to avoid thin pens unless it's for

other purposes such as drawing which is

the reason why I owned the nerve tense

to begin with the third question you

want to ask yourself is what paper

pattern do you like I know this might

seem trivial but I find myself writing a

lot cleaner on grid paper whenever I

write a rule paper my handwriting gets

inconsistent so if you're like me then

stick to your favorite paper pattern

last but not least

I practice a lot riding is fun to me

personally so I don't really see it as

work but if you really want to improve

your handwriting then practice is key I

thought you guys can see the difference

between my older and my new i

handwriting because that is all just

practicing just writing and writing

writing so I hope these simple tips can

really help you improve your own

handwriting and I really want to

emphasize the fact that you really want

to improve your own in writing not to

copy someone else's straightaway because

that is a lot more work but of course

you're free to do whatever you want

thank you so much for watching and I'll

see you guys soon hopefully bye bye

take care