Car Salesman | How To Write Descriptions that Sell More Cars

hey guys in today's video I am gonna

show you the most awesome thing that I

think I've came across a long time and

if you hate write in descriptions for

your vehicles as much as I do you're

gonna want to stick around and check

this out


alright guys today I'm gonna show you

this website that I was shown by another

dealer friend of mine and I was talking

to him I said hey what do you do about

your descriptions on your cars I said I

was telling him I just hate writing them

and he's like I have a solution for you

and it's really inexpensive and so he

shows me this website and I'm gonna show

it to you guys today this is not a paid

endorsement by any means I really really

like this product I think that it's

awesome there's a description for just

about any kind of car boat

air anything you can imagine they have

written descriptions already for you and

they're well written they have a lot of

facts in them they have all the specs

like horsepower the things like that the

people might want to know on trucks or

whatever than that is so I'm gonna flip

over here to my screen and I'm gonna

show you this website here for a second

and show you what it does and I hope you

enjoy it because it really really makes

my life easy I can take a whole

truckload of cars and I can write a

description on every single one of them

in less than 15 minutes to do 10 cars

maybe a minute a car as fast as I can

click on the options hit the button

you'll see it pulls up descriptions and

you can choose the one you want

copy paste it into your DMS and you're

done ok guys here is the website it's

called dealer assist now and as you can

see here it's right here and what I'm

gonna do now is I'm gonna log in real

quick and I'm gonna show you how fast it

is for me to get a vehicle description

now we're logged in and I just plugged

in a random car I chose a 2015 Chevy

Camaro z28 this is kind of a

hard-to-find car so the description that

you would think would be kind of feel

far between but when it pulls it up we

have a description for every color I

think the car was made in they could be


so if I am don't don't shoot the


but anyway so let's just take a look at

what a description would be for this

black z28 click on it it pulls it up

it's that fast it's got everything about

the car special parts like a dry sump

oil oiling system on this LS seven cubic

inches all kinds of different things

about the car I mean just pretty much

everything you can imagine in the

description and it's written really

really well so I will copy and paste

this into the description here of this

video so you can read it but it's as

simple as that it's all you need to do

you click on it you get that copy paste

it into your DMS and you're done

and it's well-written it's a really good

description and it saves you a ton of

time and then you literally can put in

anything from a Josh I don't know it

goes all the way back into the eighties

you could put a shove that in there I

think and it would give you a

description so check it out it's dealer

assistant now I think it's got a cost of

like $99 a month which for the time that

it saves it's worth every penny to me

and probably most of your competitors

don't have really good descriptions and

if they are if you start reading them

they started getting real repetitive and

boring so this is the solution and it

saves me a ton of time so check it out

hey guys I hope you liked that website

as much as I did because I think that

it's an awesome time-saver and if you

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thing is if what would you guys do I

mean is there something that you're

using to write descriptions or different

techniques that you have to you know

make your websites look a little better

or whatever so just down in the comments

below just let me know what you think

and if you have any ideas for me things

that you know you could share with me

that would help me until next time

see you later