Do's & Dont's of writing letters to your recruit in boot camp! (USMC)


all right hey guys it's Jess and Mike

don't slouch we are going to go back

into the vaults and talk about one of

them it was about writing your recruit

and boot camp do's and don'ts and now

that we are older and mike is here and

he's been around the block

we have probably different tips then

what I said the point of this is is that

he's now here so he can give his advice

from being someone that was actually in

boot camp rather than just someone

that's writing someone in boot camp yes

okay reduce yeah okay

what's your first do what was the first

thing that really you really wanted in

your letters in my letters

I guess just what's going on back home

I'm not sure what you said in the video

I didn't even remember honestly well um

I guess what's going on back home like

what's different what's new that's

pretty cool to see sometimes the biggest

thing I'd say is yeah just what's going

on back home like that stuff makes me

smile a lot like it was pretty cool it

was really motivating I couldn't wait to

get back and then I guess just

motivation like boot camp we were super

motivated crew and you're like oh like I

just gotta make it I got to see my

family as a Marine so I guess the

biggest motivation is like motivating

someone through a letter like saying

like you know you're gonna come back and

you're gonna bring a mean and the whole

family is gonna see you so just

motivating like that because that's all

I could think about in boot camp is not

letting my family down I think I can't

remember if I even said that in the last

one but I remember some of the do's that

I did say were like I mean all of this

was subjective is that if that's right

words like I would say things I didn't

know if you've really liked them but

it's what I thought he really likes we

did a lot of I did a lot of like quotes

um like lyric I did a lot of I requested

a lot of Bible cause yeah and I also

like at one point said you scores of

like sporting events like

like this games I wasn't during the

Super Bowl so that was pretty cool

everyone was talking about that as you

can tell I found Jesus in boot camp and

I've stuck with that I didn't want to be

with one of those people that well you

know they were really religious in boot

camp and in graduate boot camp and they

just stopped like praying and stuff so I

prayed a lot in boot camp and I

continued to pray after boot camp this

is much better sorry guys the lighting

was kind of weird over there some other

do's were oh um plastic bag for your

letters and stuff remember absolutely

yeah because in boot camp you're not

gonna have like somewhere to put your

letters so I would just throw them in my

footlocker and having a plastic bag to

throw oh and also a boot camp they make

you dump your foot lockers a lot like

they just you just dump everything else

you'd lose letters they scramble in with

other people's stuff so having a plastic

bag to stuff them in that way anytime

the they dumped your stuff like they

would be all in a letter so I mean I'm

sure somewhere I still had the letters

that just wrote me so I have all the

ones Mike wrote me I remember I did a

questionnaire once but you didn't really

fill out I did a questionnaire that was

like different questions and had like

two answers or like a blank spine you

would fill in like the answers you would

I'd be like what's your fave

have you made any friends at boot camp

and you were supposed to write like whom

you made this a friend

you didn't really fill them all out but

I thought that was such a cool idea I

didn't why I just didn't work out for me

personally was because I mean I would

also try and fit time in to work out on

square of a time and like I didn't

really want to sit there and feel stuff

out because I had I felt like I wanted

to write letters to so many people and

you only get like an hour so I would

cram like a bunch of writing in and also

you get an hour or whatever but half the

time they're like messing with you and

sometimes you have to like redo your

footlocker cuz they'll rip the tape off

so you only get like 20 minutes

sometimes and I would just read it and

then write a long letter so sometimes I

didn't take the time to write yeah I

mean two right answers and

questionnaires another do would be


did you like so much yeah so I even

wrote my buddies went to boot camp I

wrote them sandbox letters one it's

quick and easy for the person who's

writing it

little money but three but I thought it

was worth it I would use them to respond

to your letter he sent me

it makes the recruit not have to buy

stamps if he runs out of stamps or ball

buddy stamps because you just put your

letter back in the envelope that's there

and you send it for a while she was

sending me those and I was sending her

back regular letters because I didn't

know that I had liked that stamp on it

because it's just like a little barcode

it's not like a stamp yeah but it sounds

so quick yeah those got their regular a

fat way faster than regular is like

regular letters could take up to over

like a training week to like like four

to seven six days once you're like

full-fledged in the routine not like the

first couple letters sandbox letters

were getting there sometimes like two

days I'd say the longest three days but

yeah if there was a holiday or yeah for

the most part it would take only like

two days and she was I would get her

letters and then on the one I sent

anyway patch pictures too which is I

feel like when I yeah that was it and it

wasn't like an actual picture that you

had to put it was just on the bait like

print it on so I guess another do I

don't know I don't know if this is do

you can correct me if I'm wrong but the

Facebook pages have like pictures of

them yeah I remember I send you one of

them before yes I don't know if you can

do that or not but I did it I don't know

that I thought I mean I heard a rumor

that you can't I don't know I don't

think so that's not true I just thought

it was cool you thought it was in camps

not as crazy as you think it might be

like it's really not anything insane you

said that no I know but I mean now that

I'm saying like you can get pictures

you'll be fine like there's a lot of

things that we'll get onto the don'ts

there's a lot of things that we had that

you weren't supposed to have like some

families would send the schedule of like

the training schedule and I mean all of

us used to look at it and technically we

weren't supposed to look at that and

know that whatever they do they don't go

through your mail I'm he knew this you

knew the schedule before you even like

just cuz I was obsessed with boot camp

so I knew like week one was this week

will - is this because I was so obsessed

with like joining the Marine Corps and I

I knew a lot before I joined like a lot

of kids just joining out know anything

which is perfectly fine it's normal I

was just one of those weird motivated


that's one of the last like dues I don't

know if this was like essential to you

but I always like dating them and like

showing the date which I

wrote them and then real quick on the

back so yes you can get facebook photos

I think it was cool for me because I was

like oh look at this oh it's me it's

actually yeah and I'd show my buddies

and I'm like damn I wonder what my

family thinks when they see that fast

whirring to what you just said which was

what the dates on the letters yeah I

wrote dates on my letter even now like

I'll be in the field and any time we're

like kicking out a freakin warning order

or something about or like like a

tactical scenario for like a range that

were about Iran

I still date like my notes or anything

just because I'm gonna keep that right

in the rain and one day like I want to

look at it like five years from now and

be like oh I can remember this like I

found yeah I found notes from when I was

a boot when I first hit the fleet and I

was like wow like I remember this filled

up like I was probably hating my life

being really miserable but I don't know

I just think it's think it's funny like

looking back so I always dated my notes

I always dated what they are that really

what was helpful to meet my letters yeah

and I wanted to see like the time lapse

all right the time scenario sequence I

don't know I don't know how to speak

English but it's good for both of us the

day our notes let's just do the don'ts

what you shouldn't do to someone I think

one of the big ones is like coloured

envelopes and like sparkles and stickers

right attention to you definitely not

sparkles and stickers um I don't

recommend sending birthday cards cuz

they can tell what birthday cards are

like they can't feel them depending on

the drill instructor oh you're gonna get

slayed for that or not but here's here I

want to make it like say something

because I know when I used to watch

these videos I have questions if you

want to send that that plastic baggie

stick it in a regular white envelope

you're fine you're not gonna like ya get

crap for that yeah but something where

it's like it obvious happy birthday Lord

that's different

don't write private well I do not like

yeah I don't know I don't mind I need

you on the front yeah I'm on the front

and back all you should have out there

is stamps the address and then his

address so recruit whatever blah blah

company whatever Paris on it mmm-hmm

like do not write like private Rodriguez

or something like that like I don't know

why I love you like you're something I

don't write like you will be a marine

soon or blah blah like don't mention the

word marine doesn't have Marines yeah

and that's like really vague and recruit

training the whole you're not a marine

yet thing obviously because you're in

boot camp

don't put stickers on the outside like

Marine Corps stickers mhm

don't make it too bulky I think another

one would be don't send nudes if you're

writing letters yeah I mean on you can

probably the recruiter I probably get

away with it but but I would just

wouldn't want my personal nude on the

whole platoon

I'm sure the hope it's in will see it

well however however special he is to

you right and also in him if you don't

have that plastic bag and things are

getting thrown all over the place where

do you how do you know where your needs

are gonna go yeah like and then if the

drill goes do see him then he'll get

smoked for that so I just don't send

them just don't risk it it's I don't

really think it's worth it yeah like

he's you can wait don't send food in the

mail no don't send protein bars we had

one kid that got sent like 35 protein

bars and they all got taken by our John

Sugar's so what's crazy I don't see the

point of that what's crazy you say that

is even when I sent you stuff ITP

it got taken yeah like I was in I that's

ITV that's I'm boot camp I was in ITB

and she sent me a bunch of candy and

crap like probably 35 hours long it was

expensive and and and when they went

through it what they let me keep was

probably like three candy bars it wasn't

even three candy bars they let me keep

the protein bars and they let me keep

like I don't know like M&Ms they took

everything else it's not even worth it

thousand any that was an ITV too so I

don't should give tips about IC because

yeah that'll be in next video I don't

know about that for like Mike doesn't

you haven't been to MCT but you know

more than enough where you can help

people out yeah if you guys want that

video I wouldn't worry about sending a

lot of letters back to back that's fine

oh yeah that was we had kids that would

get letters every day I was like almost

one of those kids well that was a

question there were cuz I remember I

wrote a lot of letters at first people

like is it okay I was nervous is it okay

for me to send 11 letters at once and

everyone was like never really telling

me the right answer you might get messed

with a little bit but not you're not

gonna get smoked with like they'll just

be like oh you get a lot of letters sent

I don't know if this is a don't you told

me but like bad news from home like bad

like news that's happening in the world

like is that something we shouldn't be

writing I never did because I was told

that you should American men writing bad

news from home unless someone is dying I

guess I guess would you even want to

know that I mean ultimately I think the

recruit aware isn't boot camp should

make the decision whether they want to

go on the red cross and come back to

boot camp later or however that works

because I would be I mean that only

happens once and you can't take that

back so if I was the person that wanted

to leave boot camp and go do that and

then come back to boot camp I would want

the option versus but do you want the

letter being the reason how you know

like well usually if it was something

like that I don't think you'd write a

letter you call a call Paris on you or

you'd go up through the Red Cross and so

that'd be I guess so

for something that severe that you go to

the Red Cross okay as far as bad news

whether it's like a divorce or something

like that

like if your parents aren't divorced I

would in like yeah I feel I guess I'm

just not saying or if like there's

something like crazy bad going on in the

world and like yeah maybe you don't need

to know about it you know I mean just

let him focus on bootcamp cos when

you're at like now I look at bootcamp

like whatever but when you're in

bootcamp it's like a really big deal and

you're stressed out every event is

something they're worrying about passing

or not and I mean you're you're not

gonna fail boot camp unless you

ultimately don't try I mean if you're

going to your recruiting office and

you're beating you're gonna pass boot

camp the only way to fail is if you quit

it's not you're not becoming a Navy SEAL

like or like a green beret like you're

not going through a selection as long as

you don't act dumb you don't do anything

stupid and you don't quit you're gonna

pass good motivation right yeah I mean

that's good you want to be a marine you

can become a marine you just can't quit

that's all it is I think that's

everything we're gonna answer a couple

questions right now because I know that

you guys have asked and commented on the

video one how long does it take for you

to get a letter I'd say around my third

week there okay so my first week because

the first week is receiving week you're

not writing letters yet no one has an

address the second week you get your

address that you sent home it takes

about five days to get to your family

then they write a letter back which

takes like another four or five days so

that third week of boot camp around

there is when I started receiving

letters so I guess people that are

asking um you can wait you can to get

their address you can a wait

first letter to come in or B you know

you can talk to the person at your

office back home and they already know

your address and you can ask them and

they'll be able to supply that for you

but obviously they're not receiving

letters yeah so I would just wait till

you get that letter that recruits we

send it to the families it's just a

letter with all those stuff and it says

the mailing address I would wait for

that letter because the moment you send

that letter they'll be there and it'll

take a couple days is that everything is

that it that's it thank you guys so much

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