Retired for 3 Years!!! Back Story and What I Learned

three years ago I retired in this video

I want to tell you a little bit more

about that story


at a young age I had this fear that I

was going to die in my 50s and it's not

completely unfounded not in many males

in my family if any have really lived

past their mid-50s so I figured if I

retired when I was around 35 that I

could have what everyone has is a normal

retirement about 20 years and hell if I

was wrong I could easily go back to work

when I was 50 I've been retired with a

million dollars in the bank account and

truthfully I left work a little bit

sooner than I was actually planning but

I was still able to make it work now

keep in mind I had a solid job I was in

the council engineer working for a big

corporation doing big construction so I

was able to sock away some money but I

was also able to put a lot of money into

real estate and that real estate has

been giving me passive income now

probably heard me say in the past

there's nothing passive about passive

income only the rental property is a lot

of work so don't get hoodwinked or

fooled that is easy so way back when

three years ago February 2014 I retired

well actually I kind of got released

so did I get fired or did I retire well

I really wanted to retire in 2014 on my

birthday which was men so in May of 2013

a year prior I handed in my resignation

letter and truly everyone was really

confused but I gave my resignation

letter a year in advance so I really

wanted to stick to my plan of retiring

when I was 35 so I really put everything

out on the line so my company knew I was

leaving so it got to a point where

everything was automated and they didn't

really need me anymore

so that's why I left in February instead

of in May here is the behind the scenes

of retiring at the age of 34 so back in

2003 I graduated college with about 100k

and student loan debt I was making

almost six figures right out of school

so I ran that debt up a little bit more

our state stupid from 2003 all the way

through 2006 close friend have some

strong words with me in 2006 told me to

be responsible in 2006 2009

I started saving money and I worked all

that debt off and I didn't owe anyone

anything well I had no medal from 2009

2011 two years I saved one hundred and K

and that was my mouth stone for buying

my first house kept on saving money but

another house what another Hou 2014 but

farm and I left the rat race so I've

been retired for three years and a lot

of people ask what do you do is it

lonely what have you learned so first

off I do a lot of things I'm probably

more busy now than any time in the past

I think I had more free time when I was

in corporate America now there's a lot

of things to do around all the different

properties that I own there's also a lot

of things I do in the community be

mentoring the High School Robotics team

to participating with amateur radio or

just playing around with some nerdy

stuff around the farm some of the things

that I've learned I still have a lot of

growing up to do

I think that's all I have to say I feel

that I probably matured a lot in these

three years versus in the past in

corporate America I was a racehorse

I was dropped in locations to fix a

problem I was an arrogant prick I got in

got out and got the job done and in in

that environment that was okay but in

the new environment I'm

that's not okay I can't piss in

everyone's curious so a month my friend

we have a saying that I can be nice when

I want to be but a lot of times I don't

want to be nice and that's a problem and

I've really learned to probably put that

more in check than any other time in my

life one funny thing that I've learned

is that I've needed a lot more tools

than I thought I know before I retired

IV at work and just looking at like

chainsaw porn like just oh I want that

kind of chainsaw or I want this and the

funny thing is the tools that I really

really needed they never even passed

through my mind the funny thing is I

didn't even think I needed a lawnmower I

mean I feel like a stupid city slicker

saying that now but it never crossed my

mind that I would have to mow my yard

and I have acres of grass and I've been

trying to change that more into Meadows

so that I don't have to do that but it's

just been those funny little things that

I didn't even realize I needed

well everybody this is you're the badass

homesteader I appreciate you all

watching hit that subscribe button peace