A Person With A Terminal Illness Gives Life Advice

(somber piano music)

- None of us ever know when we're going to get sick

and I'm a nurse, I've never had a cigarette.

I don't drink a sip of alcohol.

I got this disease.

What you learn is that you can't

have people around you who are negative

or what I have learned to call the assassins of joy.

People that take your daily joy away.

It's really key and so important

to have people with positive energy in your life

and to surround yourself with

as many positive people as you can.

There are so many enchanting moments in life

and a lot of them have to deal with interactions

between you and strangers.

The bagger at the Whole Foods steps up

and says, let me bag all your stuff,

go to the car with you and put it in the car for you.

When you know you have a terminal disease,

it makes you enjoy everything.

So many of us are so busy all day doing things

we miss enchanting moments, we rarely capture them

and we rarely enjoy them.

We need to be grateful and thankful

for those moments and remember them

and let them help propel you through the day with joy.

I think you need to choose well,

who you surround yourself with,

who you spend your time with, what activities you engage in.

It'd be very easy when you're not feeling well

to lay in bed for ten hours and not do anything

but watch T.V.

I choose to paint, I choose to do my art, play the piano.

When I go for five or six hours of chemo,

I don't go in my pajamas and sit in the chair

like I'm a victim.

I bring my watercolors with me, my quilting with me.

I bring some activity, I'm extremely busy

the whole entire time that I'm getting my chemotherapy.

What you need to do is you need to enjoy every moment.

You need to surround yourself with good people.

You need to live your life with enjoyment,

energy, enthusiasm.

You need to look around and help people around you.

Help people in your life.

I want to be remembered as somebody

who was enchanted by moments all throughout the day

and someone who tried

to cause enchanting moments for others.

I want to be remembered as somebody

that brought joy into peoples lives and who had integrity

and was a good person.

I want to be remembered as somebody

who passionately loves her husband and her children

and her grandchildren and never acted

as the victim but always has acted as the warrior

and was unafraid of anything.

(somber piano music)