Creative Ways To Write A Love Letter

does distance make the heart grow fonder

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long-distance relationships are tough

because you don't get to see your

significant other when you want I'm not

going to lie I miss Tony a lot however

despite the distance it is not

impossible to have a long-distance


it just takes work like what Tony said

in the last video I'll link that video

in the description box below for those

who haven't checked it out and want to

see what he said in this video I'm going

to show you one of my favorite things to

do when in a long-distance relationship

it is to write love letters as

elementary of that sound I'm going to

show you some creative ways to spice up

your love letter to not only make your

significant other feel loved and

appreciated but also to show them how

awesome they are first let's start off

with your typical love letter you always

want to include how much you love them

and how much you miss them then add

whatever personal message you want I

always include telling Tony how amazing

he is

now for the ladies don't forget to seal

the letter with a kiss doing so with

lipstick is a great personal touch as

for the guys

I would definitely lay off the lipstick

instead try lightly missing her favorite

Cologne of yours on to the letter the

next thing you can include is a love

quote I like to write mine out in

colorful gel pens the next thing you can

send along with the letter is a diary

entry your significant other will love

reading this as a third party because it

gives them access to your inner thoughts

you can write about when you first met

or anything that's significant to your

relationship if you are religious you

could also send a Bible verse here's my

favorite bible verse about love another

cool thing you can send is a quick

puzzle with the message you can do this

many ways I like to take random paper

and number them on the back and on the

front write out one word of the message

hopefully they'll be able to solve your


to prevent my little pieces of puzzles

from getting mixed up with all the other

letters I like to place my little pieces

of puzzles in a separate envelope and

include that along with the letter as

well I encourage you to use as many

cool-looking papers and pens as possible

to write about anything I like to write

Tony to tell him about my day and what I

learned that day even though we talk on

the phone it's truly something special

to write it down and have him read it

now if you don't have any fancy schmancy

paper that's okay you can always make

some here I took some eyeball stickers a

3d heart sticker and drew the letter U

with a gel pen to create an i-love-you

banner on a cutout poster board then I

wrote something special of course

this is optional but if you have a pet

you can also write it a little letter I

like to write a little something for

hanging our pet hamster for the final

touches I like to add stickers onto the

envelope to decorate it a little bit you

can also add any other personal touch

you want such as pictures or even

drawings the last step is to put a stamp

on it and address it accordingly if you

are unsure if the stamp will be enough

postage always take it to the post

office and pay for the postage there I

hope this helps all you lovebirds out

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