New letter from my sponsor child Cristian

hey guys welcome back to my channel um

today I received a letter from Bolivia

and it's from Christian so here she is

and sent me a picture of him with this

letter then you wrote it so it looks

cute and he wrote this alright this is

the original letter and I'll beat you

guys the translation um it says hello

I'd like to know you are my friend I am

in second grade my favorite subjects are

sports computing and plastic arts and I

think this is in Spanish they mean bless

this enas which are like clay and stuff

like that so then you translate good uh

I like playing soccer besides my

siblings but I do not have my own ball I

go to play a soccer besides I guess I

mean with all my classmates and with my

siblings and friends they lend me the

ball we are four siblings and we all

help our mom we do cakes first I guess

they sell cakes my dad works as a farmer

and he produces corn we live near by a

lake we all send you greetings good bye

all right um so I don't think they

translated really good but you could

understand what they're trying to say


because I did read the Spanish version

original letter so it makes more sense

if you read this and you know has more

details and Spanish so it seems like he

doesn't have a soccer ball so I think

the next thing I want to send him is a

soccer ball look like a soccer pump or


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comments everyone always leaves so I

should be making some other videos

because I should be receiving some more

letters soon