What to Write To Your Sponsored Child | Compassion Australia

compassion spots of children love

getting letters it inspires them in lots

of ways I was told I had a sponsor and

then I got a letter from them writing a

letter is easy it's as easy as one two

three you can use a pen you can use a

computer you can visit our website and

write a letter online it doesn't take

much time less than 15 minutes a couple

of times a year your letters mean a lot

you're encouraging letters can give your

child an emotional social and spiritual

boost so it's important for their

development it can inspire them to study

harder be more confident and you're

closer to God here's how it works write

your letter compassion Estrella receives

letters assorted and mailed weekly then

they are sent your compassion

headquarters in developing countries all

around the world as you can imagine it

could take a while

your letter is translated into my

language and delivered to my Child

Development Center at the local church -

it comes by truck but other children get

theirs in different ways our legend

survived my father says I am special my

sponsor says I am praying for you your

letters give your sponsored child hope

courage and the belief that they can

overcome their circumstances it's all

about relationship now it's our turn to

write back

you've got mail

letters from your sponsored child will

hopefully inspire you fill you with hope

and build a connection that crosses

oceans and borders I feel motivated when

my sponsor tells me you know letters

that she is proud of my achievements I

also feel happy when she says I am I

would love my sponsor to tell me about

their country I love without my sponsor

never forgets to write to me I know he

always thinks about me it's amazing how

such a small thing can make such a big

difference letter-writing not your thing

let us know compassion can arrange for

someone to write on your behalf

and maybe even an eternal difference