How To Tell Your Boss You Are SICK In English!

if you come down with something come

down come down with the flu you come

down with the sickness he's coming down

with a cold come down with a cold

he's caught he caught the cold which is

weird you'd imagine it'd be like the

cold caught him but now it's like hey he

caught the cold and he's come down on

the college come down with a stomachache

something on his stomach bug something

like that yeah

calm down calm calm calm calm can use a

different something calm calm yes yes

calm calm down is that cool

Tom Kyle this is more like come down so

it's imagine like I guess the way these

phrasal verbs are very very hard so why

I try to give people images for them and

you imagine yourself as up full of

energy you're light

you're strong you're walking around

you're boastful of your yurt up up in

the world and then what happens as a

cold comes and grabs you and pulls you

down so it's almost like you've come

down with the told you your energy has

gone from yeah it's strong just like oh

and then you start falling down you come

down with the cult I'm not with the

Corps yeah with the cold just come down

gonna college come out with the flu we

change things as well I came down with

the cool yep yeah I came down with a

cold last weekend

yeah yeah I caught a cold last week came

down a cold last week oh my gosh I got

sick last week do you have a are we a

common way to say that we stay in the

bed like because of the sickness ah do

you know this oh yeah

any ideas if you're stuck in your bed

stuck no no no you won't say it that way

do you know any ways to say bedridden

ridden ridden it's it doesn't really

there's no real translation like already

give you an finishes or I dden it's

probably an old I ridden or IDE oh

but that's that's past tense for ridden

I'm not even sure if that's maybe maybe

that's actually where it comes from yeah

but we would say that way he's bedridden

he's been bedridden for a week make

sense where is it Burke is okay cool

sweet will you my mom wouldn't even say

something like this

hey you can mount your mounting to

Bedford ah yeah we would say bedridden

try like trapped in bed finally in a

sentence how can I use I I wore second

ones that's really I came down with a

cold and was bedridden it's like a

phenomenon I was happy I was sad I was

bedridden I came down and was it was

bedridden for a week and it took me ages

to forget that to get better or bounce

back or lost boss bounce back is it yo

you went CB a bollock bounce pass poink

poink bank bouncy bounce bounce back

bounce back you throw something it

bounce back to you okay yeah you were

steep and now you're good so your

toughness okay see you again yeah you

can think of it like you're up and then

you come down the coals and then bounce


yeah yeah another one you could say is

that get over it took me a week to get

over it yeah get over the cygnets like

the same way is you have a girlfriend

you break up with her and it takes you a

while to get over I'm not over it yet

but I am much much better I'm not quite

over yet I'm not about sex I'm enough

fully over it yet

I've still got a bit of a fully

completely I'm not completely over it oh

yeah so you can imagine this is like the

over it's like the cold this is the flu

and and I know meat for Donnie and he's

healthy and then I mean for Donnie and

he's a bedridden like foam coming out

his mouth and then I meet him here he's

not quite over it yet he's not

completely past it

he's still got a stuffy nose but he's

able to come in the worst yeah so you're

able to come into work but you're not

quite over yet you're not completely

over it still there's still a few

symptoms yeah

that's it there must be something going

around when you're sick you know what

that means

there's something what so if it's like

like a plague like a plague so if you

mean like if I I mean walking like how

are you doing brother like I'm sick

today I'm sick as well we're you sick

I'm sick of my throat people will say oh

there must be something going round

things phrase there today that's the way

we do but if you if you get like there's

an illness going out just sickness going

around the flu the flu is going on so

it's almost like traveling around it's

the way you can think about it watch you

can think of it like traveling would you

call that when you're you're keeping

someone right isolate poverty yes yes

isolated quarantines keeping your

distance and yeah that's everything and

so yeah when there's a sickness corner

and you imagine it like a sort of like a

vine traveling around getting passed to

everybody and so everybody's falling and

falling ill these days there must be a

sickness can't understand that yeah be

sick going around there's there is a

sickness is a sickness yeah or the wrong

the flu we talk at it like a person the

flu is going around yeah or the flu is

doing the ranch you ever hear that

before is lead around doing just very

Irish now to be honest all doing the

rounds what is doing the rounds me oh it

happened in your they'll be like Usher

the flu stone the rounds there to hear

about Johnny she's he's sick again the

flu must be doing around