WRITING TO YOUR RECRUIT | Marine Girlfriend | Bootcamp Week 7

everybody welcome to today's video my

name is Hannah if you're new here and

yeah let's get started so today I am

going to be talking about writing

letters which is probably one of the

more I know it's a big part of bootcamp

and so I wanted to give you guys a

little advice and some tips so I'm gonna

tell you some things to do and not to do

let's get started

so first of all I would recommend using

a very plain envelope white ones will do

the trick that would be good

I'll just recommend using blue or black

ink so I went to grab some pens to show

you guys like as if you don't know what

a blue and black pen is and all I could

find were three black ones so I would

use some neutral colors keep it really

low-key so you'll need your envelopes

your pens some stamps and then the paper

I use I just use paper from my notebook

that I use for school so I actually used

up the whole section for my English

class because we didn't need it for

English and then I'm just kind of

working my way through my book another

thing that I do when I write my letters

is I close the envelope

after I lick the thing I glue the sides

because I noticed that on my envelopes

the sides kind of jut out a little bit

if that makes sense and I didn't want

anything to happen so I made sure that I

glued them down some other advice that I

have for writing your letters as I've

mentioned before send pictures little

wallet-sized pictures are great and your

recruit will love those for the pictures

keep them happy pictures I mean I don't

know why you would send like a

depressing picture anything but nice

pictures make sure that everyone is

covered and appropriate and ready to be

seen I guess is the word to say keep the

pictures flat and I usually when I fold

my paper I fold it kind of into thirds

then in half and I will stick the photo

in between the pic the paper so you just

want to keep it flat and then the drill

instructors won't be like oh there's

something weird about this envelope it's

probably not just letter bla bla bla so

keep the pictures kind of low-key and

discreet and ear recruit will love them

he will love to be able to look at them

so definitely do that something else

that you can send your croute that he

may enjoy and he may be able to share

with his buddies you can send little

comics so I found this idea on a

different article and I thought wow

that's a really awesome idea so I looked

up some funny little marine comics and

there's a ton of them online and I

printed them out at school and so they

weren't in color so I think I'm gonna

print them out again before I actually

send them but I think that Danny will

enjoy that and hopefully his friends

down there will too

something else about writing letters is

that it can be kind of hard because some

days you're gonna be just feeling kinda

down and it's important that you take a

moment and kind of step back give

yourself a few minutes some down and

just kind of regain your composure

because you want to make sure that when

you're writing short you're keeping

things positive and that you're able to

motivate him and tell not your problem

that you love him and that sort of thing

to keep him to keep him motivated and

looking forward to your letters and that

sort of thing you don't want to be

stressing him out with telling him all

the bad things that have happened in all

sorts of drama so try to keep things

light and positive even if you don't

feel like it at the moment that can be

hard and I know that I have experienced

a little of that and it can be difficult

so just take a minute step back then

write a positive letter something else

is that you need to be aware that you

will not get a letter every day not even

at all and so like I said in the first

video about letters don't have any

expectations so lately I have been

getting them once a week and that's kind

of hard like you know you go from

talking every day to not talking hardly

at all so don't expect to get a letter

it would be better I think to go in with

no expectations like oh I'm not getting

a letter today so that when you do get a

letter you are so excited about it and

if you don't then you were mentally

prepared for that the things that you

should not do while you are reading

letters eese do not put anything on the

outside of the envelope

except for your address his address and

and your stamp keep them white plain

keep them just discreet and don't be

putting hearts

be putting kissy faces anywhere on the

outside you can put hearts in your

letter that's totally fine but don't

make it huge and colorful because you

want to just keep it low-key something

that I did when Daniel left or before he

left actually I made these little cards

for each day just something a little

cute and I got worried I told him about

it before he left actually and then I

got all afraid that I shouldn't send

them but despite them having a little

bit of shimmer enos on them I just put

them in the back of the envelope so the

white is facing the back and then he can

peek in it when he gets the envelope he

doesn't have to take it out you can

still read it and then he won't be

getting any crap for this and that sort

of thing so if you want to do something

like that I'm sure your marine or I'm

sure your crew would love that so those

are some ideas that I have for that

right so that's pretty much it for this

video about writing letters so my

encouragement to you guys is to just

keep writing letters even though it can

be tiring and it can be kind of

disheartening to not be getting letters

in return just know that it's it's

making a really big difference for your

crew and that it means the world to him

as far as the weeks of an update last I

heard from Daniel he's doing really well

and he was promoted to squad leader

which is super exciting and honestly it

was kind of nerve-wracking for me to you

know like so basically he gets punished

if his guys mess up so but anyway he's

doing really good and I knew he would be

doing really good so I'm so proud of him

and hopefully I'll hear from him soon

thank you guys so much for watching this

if it helped you or if you have any

advice about writing letters or anything

bootcamp military-related leave it down

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