“Dear Crush..." | writing a letter to my crush

of course I have a crush what teenager

doesn't I don't want to have a crush I

don't want to have to deal with that but

I do I do have to deal with it there's

nothing that I can do to stop it so I

thought I might as well write a letter

to him dear crush




just a bit of backstory if you don't

know me

should know that I am I am really bad at

talking to guys I don't know why I'm

really bad at talking in general but

especially to guys and that means

especially to a guy that I like actually

fail at it if this video gets a hundred

likes I will give this to my crush no

joke and I will film it as proof and I

realize how adventurous that jump is and

how unlikely it is for me to get 100

likes that's why I set that goal because

I do not want to give this to my crushed

let's get on with this

dear crush I like you that is why it's

called a crush actually I don't know why

it's called crush you probably think

that I hate you I understand why you

think that the most I've ever said to

you is probably oh and that in my

language is very romantic but you do not

know that because you will live in the

normal world the normal world that I do

not fit in in I adore you but uh I don't

even know you

how can I adore you well I don't know

but I know I do and I know these

feelings are a bit of a jump for me I

know I'm only 17

but uh can't pooi p7

it's not so hard to do

if you could let me I could be good I'm

not very good at singing that song I

apologize but I like it so I'm gonna

sing it anyway I just wanted to tell you

if I ever walk up to you out of a sudden

surge in me to decide to live up to my

head and talk to you don't expect much

if I embarrass myself in front of you

that's okay I've embarrassed myself in

front of many just because you were

around I'm not one to share who I like

with my friends let alone anyone else so

I always get scared when you're around

because I'm afraid I will act crazy and

people will find out that I am madly in

love with you and they will tell you and

you will think I'm crazy and maybe I am

maybe I'm really crazy but that's okay

because it's all for you it'd make me

cry at night sometimes just thinking

about how unfair it is that I can't even

talk to you because I don't have the

courage and how upset I am with myself

that every time I had the chance to talk

to you every time you've tried to talk

to me

I was blunt and I let go of all my

chances because I was scared because I'm

a chicken but I know I'm a chicken I'm

aware and I'm working on it

just not very hard I'm working on other

problems with myself and I'm kind of

purposefully avoiding the chicken

problem because I'm a chicken and I feel

bad because I'm not very nice to you

well it's not that I'm not nice to you

not mean to you

I'm just not anything to you because I'm

a chicken 20 years from now I'll look

back and I'll think that's crazy how

much better

I was because 20 years from now we'll be

married and a happy little house with a

happy little family

I hope probably not I might be single

for the rest of my life without a job

actually I don't know about that you you

make you are special um this is all

improvised I I should have wrote out a

plan but I did it and I don't know where

I'm going with this

who knows in two years I might be

completely over you like I was for my

last crush but for now I have many

fantasies about us living together

happily ever after for the rest of our

lives that's not creepy at all I don't

know what else to say well I have to say

that I'm a chicken and I'm sorry you

know kind of said that already

so a crush I don't know if you have

feelings for me

or not I don't know if you even noticed

me but uh I'm here and you actually mean

a lot to me even though I barely know

you and I do care about you even though

I barely know you but I hope someday we

can at least be friends I hope someday

before I graduate I have I will get the

courage to say something to you to start

a conversation with you

and I hope I don't let that opportunity

leave me I hope I don't live on with

life without ever knowing you even if we

don't end up getting married in living

and a happy little family with having

the reeds I just

I just want to know you sincerely

Toria hi howdy 100,000 likes no I'm


Oh what kinds of thousand one hundred

likes and you will get this letter I

will copy down everything exactly as I

said but it does have a 1 2 year

expiration so yeah actually a one year

expiration because I graduate soon and I

might not go to college with him I

probably won't so one year expiration

date hurry up sorry for yelling yeah I

didn't mean it