A Father's Last Message to His Daughter on her Wedding Day


so those who know Paul know that he had

a very dry sense of humor

so he would be smiling that I'm wearing

his bowtie that he got from his rental

he picked up on Thursday he sent us a

text said it was a problem because he

looks so dashing that we were going to

need to hire a bodyguard he had a speech

already written gonna read it

that's written when the day that Ali was

born as a new father

I imagined two events in her life her

college graduation and this her wedding

day so today is really a realization of

that dream and it takes me back to what

made this day possible in the fall of

her freshman year just about a month or

two after school started she asked for

our blessing to apply to a six-month

study abroad program in China I said


thinking they would not accept her

because she was just getting settled

into college to my surprise she was

quickly accepted into the program and

when I spoke to the professor in charge

of the program he said mouston was an

ideal candidate so off to China she went

and I always wanted to go to China so

off I went to visit her Nanjing China

was the first time I meet Derick he

struck me as very smart mature nice

quiet somewhat serious and humble and

introspective young man when I got back

from China

Jeannie asked me if I thought Ali and

Derick were starting a relationship I

said no way

he's not interested in her


thank goodness I was wrong and here we

are today celebrating the beginning of

the new lives together



around the time that hurricane Irma hit

Florida I was thinking about what advice

I would give Ally in there because he

started this new adventure hurricane

made landfall in Florida peninsula at

Marco Island the very spot that we have

spent countless family vacations Marco

Island has a lot of boaters and as the

cleanup effort began someone posted a

Facebook message that said the worst

storms tests the strength of our anchors


very and alack my advice to you is to

focus on your anchors few young couples

have been through the bad storm that you

have been through this year the love you

have for each other is the most

important anchor work and staying in

love share your goals stay optimistic

about the future share your interests

and support each other each of you has

the other is the most important thing in

your life everything else comes second

your families are important anchors to

Jeanne Erin and I are always here for

you keep your faith

and remember the people who loved and

loved you I would like to make a toast

that your lives together have many sunny

days and then your anchors are strong

enough to hold you steady in life's


I can be my wholehearted blessing best


congratulations we love you both