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I was trying to get target so we're

currently in target reclined some board

games to play at my apartment and then

I'm gonna see if they have any supplies

that I can use for my cards and things

so we found our way into the crafty

weird stuff and now I have to figure out

what I want to put on letters for my

brother so I think I get one of these I

don't know I'm kind of feeling this one

these are dollar oh nine what else do I

want guys ooh a thing of index cards

could be fun I grab some colored that's

always because you can't really go wrong

with colored pencil sounds still just

desperately looking for like cute

stickers or something but I can't I

can't find any guys I'm struggling over

here oh yeah now we're talking so

today's a new day

but yesterday I would now involve all

this stuff as you saw I have some things

I need to do before I get the letters

today but the first thing I'm going to

do before anything else is order that

stamps on Amazon because the sooner i

order them the supers are gonna get you

you're gonna get this right here because

that is the best

option for me right now so starting off

with the most boring thing about flea

envelopes I have gone with this package

of stickers because there's 580 in here

I also got some temporary tattoos that

are Halloween themed but I thought I

would just throw in there I got a

package of Halloween stickers as well

because halloween is coming up I got

these index cards it's not really sure

what I'm planning to do with them yet

and then I got to these tape rolls so as

of right now I've got 10 people who sent

me their address and I've been writing

down the kinds of things I want to put

in there cuz I don't want to just write

it straight letter I want to make it fun

in some way obviously I'm gonna make

each letter personal thinking of giving

like everyone a song because it

offensive on like hey I think you like

this song or this song reminds me of you

or something fun like that and that I

want to do like maybe on an index card

like things that are cool about you and

just like list things that make them

awesome I have to write these 10 letters

now it is a significant amount of time

later because I all of the letters you

can't really see them but I wrote them

all they're all here what I'm doing

right now is I decided that I'm going to

pick a song by jukebox that goes for

each person I think they'd like just as

another random thing to put in there



hope this one this is like their most

basic song about definitely sending this

one a Christian because we kind of had a

conversation about this like last night


that's Christian haha he doesn't know

what I'm doing right now

picking songs for him oh just text

messages made me happy

I loved you thought that one's going to

Taylor because it's fun and upbeat and

Taylor's a fun and upbeat person

I literally just spent way too long

looking for a place to do this because

the lighting in here is either too

bright or too dark and I look like a

ghost or you look like I don't exist at

all finally have all the letters written

down I had to do I think twelve the echo

writing on the letters took me a really

long time because I typed them out in my

computer and then wrote them in a

notebook just because I wanted to do it

handwritten but I can never hand write

something like first time through it

never works now we get to do the fun

stuff this is Brendan so I'm gonna rip

it out and hopefully not destroy it

wonderful literally all is on here is

the text the letter I didn't resonate

because that I'm gonna do in color

pencil right color pencil or Gersh I do

entropy color pencil I don't know yet

well I just get dizzy looking in that

box oh yeah there we go

that's really a lot less exciting than I

thought it was gonna be I almost put

nine ten eleven because I'm stupid

nine ten eighteen on the bottom I'm

gonna put a song for them so how do I

wanna make this look I'm just gonna like

write a song for you and then I'm gonna

put the title and the artist I feel like

that's all I can do I can't make it much

more exciting than that okay I want

purple violet works ooh probably gonna

look at the title in this song Aloha I'm

be like what I promise it's a good song

cuz my jukebox it goes so but it comes

with stickers I have a time as Oh

stickers let's open all of them because

I'm being in a package is helping nobody

okay oh very goodness there's smell

atrocious I don't understand okay

oh I have pain I have tape

what stickers do we want to get Brendon

we are gonna give him a girlie looking

skeleton because that's what he wants

Wow look at those stickers and I think

we need a smiley face you see it look at

it it's great it's great this is what it

looks like got stickers galore and tape

galore and now we're gonna do a bunch

more letters I will do some more work

and then get back to y'all later in the

process so I've just about finished all

of the basic stuff four letters it's a

back one left and that's Ryan I'm gonna

do it right now lol outta my doing I'm

giving everybody a song as I said before

but there's two songs I want to give to

Ryan now what does Ryan want four

stickers I think he wants a piece of

pizza because feel it Ryan with like

pizza Ryan do you want a dog with a

birthday hat because I'm gonna give you

a dog with a birthday have this smiley

face that you can't really see right now

but it looks like Rick Sanchez and yeah

there's a lot of stickers on Ryan's

Ryan's special so he gets extra I put it

over the work not sponsored what I did

is I went and I put my address and

everyone's addresses on these envelopes

which kind of took a while because

you're not gonna make sure you get it

right now we think I'm putting the most

random of random stuff on the outside of

these envelopes but my friends get these

are gonna be like what is your problem

and I'm gonna be like too many things

guys so because I already wrote the

addresses on it I can't really show you

what I'm doing what I'm gonna do instead

of do the envelopes at this moment I'm

gonna do the next step got these little

index cards what I'm gonna do with these

is for each person hello I wrote down

some things that make you awesome so

what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna do an index card for each of

those just write some things that make

you awesome and then put all of the

things on the back I'm like a really

cheesy weird person and I like doing

stuff like this I like making people

happy because I feel like we're too

scared to like say nice things to people

because you know it's awkward but it's

really nice to like make people happy

sorry I'm really cheesy and weird but

that's alright that's just that's just

the truth so I'm gonna give Christian a

blue one because I can I don't know you

can see it but basically this is some

things that make you awesome so I wrote

down Christians six things that make him

awesome I'm not gonna read all of them

but one of them says a literal genius

because he's like one of the smartest

people I've ever met in my entire life

next up is Ryan Ryan I'm not gonna say

his last name

I almost said his awesome yeah gonna do

that on the interwebs but things that

I'm writing

Orion's is best hugs because he gives

the best hugs you know like some people

how they're just like get the best hugs

ever he's very much one of those people

so I'm just gonna write out a few of

these cards right now after that I'm

basically just gonna like stuff

everything in the envelopes I think for

now I'm gonna call it quits on the video

today and then once I get this stamps

I'll show you guys like the final

product well bring the letters to the

mailbox and send them off and yeah

that'll kind of be the end of that I'm

really excited to send these out I just

hope they make people happy that's my

goal that's my number-one goal okay so

it's multiple days later things turned

chaotic what ended up happening was I

ordered my stamps from Amazon and the

name was on lost the package so I had no

stamps and I couldn't send up the

letters it made me sad I had work today

and then in order to come home I needed

to take uber today and it took two hours

because the traffic was so bad and I had

my uber driver drop me off at CVS so I

could buy some stamps so what I'm gonna

do right now is put the stamps on the

envelopes stuff the temporary tattoos

into the envelopes and then bring them

to the mailbox and drop them off I just

want to say you know I've had a lot of

fun with these letters and I'm hoping

like my whole goal here is

that it makes people happy again this

idea came to me it's just something to

do before it was even a YouTube video

idea so this wasn't something I decided

to do for YouTube at all but I really

hope it just makes the people happy

thanks for watching this video guys

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video bye