How to Turn Your CRUSH into Your VALENTINE! TEEN EDITION | Ask Kimberly Valentine's Day

so I wonder about you so my favorite say

the entire year coming up very very soon

you guys it is Valentine's Day and think

you have a crush it is the perfect

opportunity to turn that crush into

something more like eating or the real

relationships now anybody can just sit

around and wait for the price to ask

about what this video is all about being

processed this video is how to turn your

crush into your Valentine and it's

almost a little thing you can do to help

your crush get to him some of these are

super easy and some of them are not in

the phase of heart like they require

courage so I just encourage you to do

with other ones

kind of suits you in your personality

that I see be wise are new to ask

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make your Valentine a reality let's get

right into the video

oh all right guys so number one is to

send them a candygram

or a flower or whatever your school does

for Valentine's Day or in the days

leading up to Valentine's Day this is a

really cute way to get their attention

and make them feel super special but

it's also not so over the top that it

puts them under pressure of any kind or

even makes them feel embarrassed you can

choose to send a bunch of these to a

bunch of your friends including your

chrysler district center the mountain

hut or if you want to be super great and

send a super super clear message you

could always turn the one directly to

your crush there is a really good chance

that your I am going to ask you if you

sent any of use to anyone else and when

you say no it was really clear

indication of where you're at and how

you feel about that it almost doesn't

help you for you and that is not a bad

thing I was just writing something

really simple don't profess your love

for them don't go over the top just say

something like hey you're cute or happy

Valentine stages like these very basic

about it because the candygram in itself

is going to be a clear enough message

number two guys is to send the message

on social media now I love

social media because if you are a shy

girl like I was when I was growing up

social media makes it so much easier to

actually put your feelings out on the

table is only is it been around when I

was let me tell you guys I personally

recommend sending them an image or a

disk that just cuz the taste and says

you will you be my Valentine the only

only question I have about this one guys

and then it has to be followed up with

some kind of request it just can't put

it out there and with me to hang you be

like waiting to be my Valentine and

you're not even really being clear about

what it is you're asking for like that

person might interpret will you be my

Valentine as like will you be my

long-term serious relationship and we

don't want them to like be scared off or

get any false ideas of like what you're

actually asking for so follow it up with

something tangible like a monogram ice

cream on Valentine's Day this can help

them understand that being your

Valentine is fun and that's by

responding they're not like committing

themselves to a lifetime of a

relationships are just accepting like a

valentine's dating ID number three is to

send them a Slurpee pet and this doesn't

need to be over the top where did you

get your point across it could be just

something simple like you're on my mind

today happy Valentine's Day if your

questions insightful at all are going to

read that and be like well why am I on

the mind today because of sometimes it's

get your point across but in a way that

doesn't like feel overbearing or


if they do like you this gives your

crush the perfect opportunity to say

something bad like you're totally on my

mind too if they take this opportunity

is a surefire sign that they want to be

your Valentine to our universe or guys

ask you to an event that has been on

Valentine's Day something like a dance

or a party or a concert and this does

not have to be hard because as an event

attached to it this one I would just

recommend being diverse and to the point

and not to be like are you going to this

event because like an opportunity like

no I'm not going instead be specific and

say would you like to go to this concert

with me on Valentine's Day I think we

have a super fun time if they say yes

this sets the tone for the perfect

Valentine's Day date and trust me guys

there is nothing more romantic than an

actual date on Valentine's Day because

the mood is like all love uwm it anyway

if the two of you are a mascot

Valentine's Day romantic environment can

really start to tell them for like an

amazing amazing date so this idea is if

your car's listen to the radio to give

them big old shout out most of the local

stations still do this on Valentine's

Day and it's super cute I think it's

such a romantic gesture so if your

product versus to a specific station on

the way to school or work this works out

perfectly just make sure you call within

the timeframe that you know they would

be listening otherwise all that amusing

efforts go to waste if nobody hears this

she was a request song and that is super

romantic but not too overbearing so do

request kiss me by Sixpence None the

Richer and they let go

okay I think it's such a good sign we

know what do you request expense on the

Fisher don't request boys to men number

65 is my new idea for turning your crush

into your Valentine is just give them an

old-fashioned value time like a card a

candy apple or like a bag so the

sweetheart something super romantic and

old-school this is probably the most

obvious way of telling someone that you

like them but guys like a good

old-fashioned Valentine literally never

gets old super romantic and super super

cute this does not have to be expensive

at all as it's like so much more about

creativity and cuteness and if you're

quickly feedback their reaction should

be super positive and super flattered

guys if you are just simply not ready to

try and use that I just outlined or if

you did try them and if they don't work

out do not worry seriously guys I have

personally had many crush experiences in

my life that did not work out and it's

all this apart of growing up and does

not mean anything about your value as a

person that there are so many fish in

the sea if you don't have plans on

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