How To Ask for a Raise -- Step By Step Advice

so you think you've earned a raise but

nobody's coughing up the cash stay tuned

for may tips hey folks is this Kim

welcome to live worn out net it seems

more and more often it's becoming less

common that we receive our annual

performance review that usually comes

with the standard of living increase

seems like we have to ask for a raise

but before you March into your boss's

office you need to come prepared with

some solid reasons so based on my

management and recruiting experience I'm

gonna walk you through six tips to get

prepared and then we're gonna talk about

how to actually approach the

conversation that you're gonna have with

your boss so starting with tip number

one this might seem rather obvious but

make sure that you're in good standing

with the company if you're currently on

probation now's not the time but what

might be less obvious is do you find

yourself competing against management's

goals or working with them managers

typically aren't inclined to help

someone out who's constantly a thorn on

their side so you really kind of need to

do some soul-searching and make sure

that you are in the boss's favor at this

time number two leave all personal

reasons out of it just because your

personal expenses have gone up this is

technically not your bosses problem just

cuz your car broke down or maybe you

have to pay per truck ease braces this

is not reason enough to get a raise so

you're gonna again you're gonna have to

look for areas where you have increased

your value to the company number three

when was your last celery increase if

it's been five years then you can pretty

much rest your argument on that alone

hey boss it's been five years if it's

been less than one year then you need to

have some really solid reasons how your

your responsibilities have increased or

your your job description has changed

quite a bit which leads me to number

four what additional responsibilities or

duties have you taken on over the last

year or would like to let's say for

example co-worker of yours left the

company and since then you've kind of

been picking up the slack taking on some

of their risk

abilities and your manager might not

even be aware of that unfortunately they

tend not to ask a lot of questions when

things are running smoothly now if you

don't have examples currently have

increased responsibilities then you need

to start looking around any areas of

interest where you can pick up some

additional responsibilities again it's

all about added value how have you

increased revenue or reduced cost it's

it's really that simple

number five list your strengths and

weaknesses and give those some thought

if you've been an unreliable mess this

past year because of perhaps a personal

issue that you've been dealing with not

the time to ask for a raise now assuming

that you have been a flexible reliable

team player you can take all of these

things into consideration now I don't

want you to walk into your boss's office

and say hey these are my strengths and

weaknesses that I bring to the table

give me a raise generally speaking if

you've come to work on time every day

that's that's not going to be reason

enough but it's just a good thing to

keep in mind is your it'll kind of build

your confidence as you're walking in to

that conversation number six do some

research you want to try and get an idea

of what comparable positions are paying

in other with other companies

glassdoor.com is a really good place to

start but be careful because very rarely

are two jobs exactly the same so you'll

need to take into consideration for

example small companies often not always

but often pay less than large companies

certainly your geographic location is

going to play a huge role so find

several examples so that you can kind of

build up an average in your mind okay so

finally how are we going to approach the

conversation with our boss number one

request time request a meeting chances

are your boss is on the runner a really

busy person so make sure you send an

email asking for his time or her time to

talk about your performance number two

once you're in the meeting make sure

that you express your enthusiasm for the


and that you're in it for the long haul

I don't want to discourage anybody but

your boss can definitely let you go if

they find out that you're looking for

another opportunity so you definitely

don't want to give anybody the

impression that if you don't get this

raise that you're going to quit number

three let your manager know that you

have personal and financial goals

there's nothing wrong with expressing

that you want to grow most companies

like employees like that so seeing

something along the lines that you know

within two years you'd really like to

see yourself in a management position

perhaps earning between x and y and how

what do I need to accomplish to make

that happen put it on yourself ask them

for their advice now they know that

that's where you want to go and chant it

and again chances are they're gonna want

to help you if you have been a team

player reliable solid employee number

four I kind of touched on this before

but if it's been a while it's a two

years or more since your last increase

you can rest most of your argument on

this alone say hey boss I've been a

reliable employee and it's been about

two years since my last increase I'm

hoping that that's something that we

could talk about I've done a little bit

of research based on my research looks

like somewhere between x and y is sort

of average I'd like to be somewhere in

the middle number five the biggest thing

for your buck is kind of what I've

already talked about is being able to

show clear examples of how you've

increased your value to the company by

taking on new responsibilities but be

careful do not compare yourself to your

co-workers nobody wants to hear that you

do twice as much as work as Betty and

you happen to know that you make as much

money as her that there's that's about

as unprofessional as it gets so steer

clear of that entirely now if your

employer says no try to find out why if

there are some performance issues as

painful as it may be to hear try to get

specifics so you can work on it perhaps

it'll be revealed that the company has

other issues that might prevent you from

getting a raise maybe there's financial

reasons no matter what that what that

outcome is I would definitely ask my

boss if we

could revisit this conversation in three

to six months now if your boss seems

completely and utterly closed-minded to

this conversation and you're just

hitting a brick wall and getting a bunch

of nose I would recommend probably

starting to look into a new position it

doesn't sound like that person is

interested in your morale or or or

continuing to work with you so my final

tip is that you always keep your resume

updated this way if the conversation

does go sideways and I think that's

highly unlikely but if it does you'll

feel armed with ammunition and there's

nothing worse than feeling trapped so I

have other videos in my career playlist

I talked about how to build that resume

and how to prepare for an interview I

don't think that's gonna happen here but

just in case so there you go folks

that's my advice on how to ask for a

raise I hope you find it helpful if you

have any comments about your experiences

please post that in the comment section


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