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What does a job getting EMAIL COVER LETTER message look like?

In today’s lesson, we’ll look at an example, PLUS, if you watch to the end, I’ll tell

you how to get an email cover letter template you can swipe to help you write your very

own job getting email.

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Here is an interview getting sample email cover letter message (also sometimes referred

to as a cover letter email).

What makes this message so effective?

First, It’s short and to the point.

Second, The opening sentence or HOOK, powerfully catches attention and expresses confidence:

Here are 3 top reasons to hire me as an Operating Room Nurse:

It avoids the typical boring openings like “I am writing to apply for …” OR “I

am emailing regarding …” OR “I am writing to express my interesest in … “ OR any

other “I am … “ opening sentence.

If you have used any of these “I AM” opening email cover letter sentences in the past put

them in in the trash bin, empty it and grant yourself a gracious pardon.

Now, obviously, if there are specific instructions in the job description requiring you to structure

your first sentence a certain way, perhaps with the job code reference, or something

like that, be sure to follow those instructions.

Otherwise, it’s in your interest to open your email in a way that sets you apart from

other applicants.

Third, This message concisely showcases the most important qualifications of the job applicant

that the employer is looking for.

Notice each of the 3 main points in the body of the email start with a bold subheading

followed by a sentence or two describing the compelling evidence of the applicant’s qualifications.

Let’s quickly read these together so you can better understand how to do this for yourself.

[read each bullet point]

Extraordinarily Compassionate Patient Care.

I am a 2019 Daisy Award Winner and passionate about being the calming influence in one of

a patient’s most stressful situations.

11+ Years’ OR Experience.

My attention to detail, effective leadership and exposure of serving in less-than-ideal

operating rooms in 7 different countries allow me to make a significant contribute to a strong

team for positive surgical outcomes.

Strength, Tenacity, Team Contributor.

My exceptional fitness and ability to happily meet the demands of physical endurance events,

both in and out of the OR, make me a valued team member.

This fall, my husband and I will complete 4,228 miles of unsupported tandem bicycle

touring from Yorktown, Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon.

It’s important to note that each of these addresses specific requirements listed in

the job description.

A very powerful way to build this list is to take the job description for the position

you are applying to and match each requirement with compelling evidence you are qualified.

Then choose the top 2-3 most important ones to feature in the email.

My Attention Grabbing Cover Letter video will take you through a detailed step by step process

to help you do that.

And now, before I talk about the final two things that make this sample email cover letter

so effective, I’d love your feedback … what’s one thing that’s worked for you when sending

an email cover letter message?

I’d love to read your answer in the comments below.

Fourth, The ending of this message is a strong call to action: You can read more good reasons

to hire me as an Operating Room Nurse in my attached resume.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the performance you can expect from me in person.

It accomplishes two important things.

#1) it teases the reader by pointing out the attached resume includes even more reasons

to hire the sender.

In other words, it’s a subtle way of saying, “If you like what you see so far, there’s


Keep reading.”

#2) it asks for the interview in a very powerful, confident, yet indirect way.

Notice how the final sentence makes it very clear that the hiring manager

can expect this candidate to deliver results.

Every hiring manager wants to hire someone who will produce results so this is very appealing.

Fifth, it closes with “Thank you” which research shows is the most effective way to

close a message in which you are making a request.

I want to be sure you know about two other videos that can help you write an interview

getting email cover letter.

“What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume” goes into a lot of detail, including

how to choose a professional email address and how to write a strong call to action in

your message.

Plus, my “Email Body For Sending A Resume” video takes an in-depth look at how to make

sure the main body of your email message is persuasive.

I’ve dropped links to both those videos in the description so be sure to check them


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