How To Sell A Car Privately-What Paperwork Is Needed

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i'm a former car salesman and

entrepreneur and in this video i'm going

to tell you how you can sell your car

privately and i'm also going to show you

all of the forms that you're going to

need and where you can get them from

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alright so let's get into it

okay the first thing you're going to


and you're going to want to have if

you're selling your car privately

is the vehicle history report a popular

place to get this is carfax carfax.com

you're going to want to have this handy

so you can show it to

any potential people that come and look

at the car

it'll show your maintenance history on

it it'll show

all the prior owners that own the


before you if that's the case okay

customers are going to definitely want

to see this so make sure you have that


your vehicle history report the next

piece of information you're going to

want to have when you're selling your


privately is your vehicle's maintenance

history now some of your maintenance

history may show up on your carfax

hopefully it does okay but you want to

make sure that you have it on hand

so what you can do is if you got your

car serviced

at let's say a pet boys or even your car


you can go to your car dealership

wherever you had it serviced

and ask them to give you a printout of

all of the maintenance that you had done

on the vehicle

over the years you can always tell

potential customers potential buyers

that your vehicle is great as this and


but if you can show them that you took

care of the vehicle while you owned it

with regular maintenance that's always a

great selling point so make sure you get

your vehicle maintenance history printed

out and have that ready to go

okay the next piece of information

you're going to want to have handy for

selling your car

privately is having your warranty


okay if your vehicle is under some sort


a warranty whether it's still from the

manufacturer or

or if it's an after-market warranty that

covers you

up to a certain amount of mileage on the


you want to have that information handy

that's a great selling point

if your vehicle is still under some sort

of warranty make sure you have that

handy make sure that you can show them

what company is warranting the service

and have the contact information

for that warranty company handy it's a

great selling point

which will help you hold the value in

your vehicle

the next document you're going to want

to have for selling your car privately

is your odometer statement if your


is 10 years old or newer by law

you're going to have to have this and

have it filled out okay

i'm going to give you a sample i'm

showing you a sample i'm going to give

you a link where you can get this

odometer statement or a sample of it so

that you can look over

remember to check with your dmv for all

the specific laws for your state

but here's some of the items that are

going to be on that odometer statement

i'm going to read it right from my list

here the year

make model and vin number of the vehicle

the buyer's name and address the

seller's name and address which is you

seller signature the current vehicle


at the time of sale okay

and this document is going to have to be

notarized so make sure you have that

odometer statement when you're ready to

sell your car

the next document you're going to need

for selling your car privately

is of course the title to the vehicle

that shows that you actually

own the car that you're selling okay you

have to have the title

because when you're transferring

ownership to the new

owner you're going to have to sign the

back of the title

over to them that is a legal procedure

that has to be done

then that owner will take the title to

the dmv

and get a new title printed out and sent

to them

now if you're selling a car that still

has a balance on it let's say you still

owe the bank some money okay

you have to find out what the uh you

have to let this the

new owner know that you still owe a

balance on it because

it's going to take time for the bank to

send you the title

after you send them the payoff so you

have to find out what the payoff is

make sure you get that exact amount okay

you will take that money

send it to the bank and they will

eventually send you the title so that

can take some time

alright so let the potential buyer know

that it might take some time for them to

get title in hand

all right but you will need the title to

transfer ownership

the last document you're going to want

to have when you're selling your car


is a bill of sale now this is not


by law everywhere but a bill of sale

will document everything about this


also it's a good idea to have an as is


along with your bill of sale it can be

on the same document or you can have a

separate as

is disclosure i'm going to be showing

you a sample of one here

with both of them together okay as

is most buyers are going to know that

you're not putting any type of a


on this vehicle other than the one that

may come with it

as is so that when the sale is done it's


you definitely want to have that okay

now your bill of sale is going to have

things like this on it the vehicle


the odometer disclosure the purchase


the delivery date and signatures

and it'll be a good idea to have this

document notarized also

so there you have it those are the

documents that you will need to sell

your car

privately okay i gave you some examples

showed you some examples and there are

links in the description of this video

where you can go and check them out

now these are only samples okay remember

to always check with the laws in your


with the dmv to make sure you're doing

everything properly

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