How to Write a Car "For Sale" Ad!


how's it going everyone today I'm going

to be doing a video discussing how to

properly write an ad for Craigslist or

offer up or Facebook marketplace or

wherever you happen to be selling your

cars because while I'm young I have had

quite a bit experience in the last few

years looking at different cars online

and and now and it's finally come time

for me to post one of my own cars for

sale unfortunately this shirt kind of

gives away what it is but I'll be

showing you my specific ad that I wrote

in this video and I'll kind of talk

about some do's and don'ts and some

certain things that you'll want to

include and maybe some other things that

you might not necessarily need to

include in your ad if you're a returning

subscriber and you watch most of my

videos will know that I am unfortunately

having to sell my 1995 Mazda Miata with

my Saab 9-3 are coming back not only to

the channel but my garage having three

cars just doesn't really make sense so

it's either the Miata the arc or the

turbo X and I've already explained why

I'm gonna choose to sell the Miata over

the other two you guys can check out

that video up here in one of these

corners but the Miata has to go and I've

loved this car I'm debating on whether

or not I'll do one final video with it

or not but that's not what today's topic

is about so I'm gonna go ahead and share

my screen with you all and talk about or

just read through my ad and point out

certain things that I've included offer

up I chose to offer up I was probably

going to end up posting on other sites

if I didn't get such like good responses

from offer up a Craigslist would have

been the obvious choice but now

Craigslist charges for ads I just

decided to not even bother with them so

offer up is what I went with

it's a great site I've actually bought

this Miata off of offer up and I've

bought a couple other things off the

site it is a really good site so here

you can see pretty clearly this is just

kind of offer UPS format but $3,000 and

it says the year 1995 Mazda mx-5 Miata

one hundred thirty six thousand miles

right off the bat as well as my location

so before I get into the actual ad

itself I want to talk about the pictures

because pictures are incredibly

important all the pictures that I'm

going to show you are actually old not

old pictures of the car but I didn't

taking these pictures just for the for

sale ad so when you're taking pictures

at your car you want to make sure that

you have more than one first off and you

want to make sure that you're getting

every angle so maybe one from the front

quarter the rear quarter maybe the front

the back at least one shot of the

interior and ideally like a shot of the

engine bay too so you'll see that I have

all these included here here I have a

shot of the driver's side and like the

front quarter of the car I guess if you

say second pictures a rear quarter third

picture here is just of the side

driver-side fourth picture is a good

shot of the engine bay the fifth picture

is kind of similar than the other ones

but I figured out include it as well the

sixth one I talked about you'll see the

reason for including this picture in a

little bit and then the seventh picture

is just a generic shot of the interior

so you really don't need a million

pictures well a lot of people like to

post 20 pictures which is great you

don't necessarily need to post that many

I did just realize that I didn't show

any pictures of the passenger side so if

you're someone who wants to point that

out to me or someone who's selling a car

that you're interested that person

should be more than willing to send you

a picture of that side of the car but

I'm not trying to hide anything by not

showing that side of the car so I

started off the ad I honestly just kind

of wrote this up really quick yesterday

and I solely added a couple things to it

throughout the day but really I just

started off by saying this is my 1995

Miata I've had the car for two years now

and I've put around 15,000 miles on it

I have maintenance records since my

ownership and that includes things like

a recent oil change gauge cluster swap

master and slave cylinder and more and

that the cars never let me down so right

off the bat just kind of state general

information about it you could also

include the mileage here as well but

since the ad already has that I said not

to include it again the next section of

my ad is really the section that I think

car sellers should do much more often is

a pros and cons list because I've seen

this on a very very few amount of ads

but it's just I think it's a great tool

to use because it shows that you're not

trying to sell them something that's

perfect and you're not trying to lie to

them and say oh this car is amazing and

then they show up in it's a total hunk

of you know so pointing out flaws

with the car maybe not

Sara Lee with a coms list but pointing

out some flaws in the car will

definitely help you look more honest and

not like the stereotypical used-car

dealer so in my pros I just mentioned

some generic stuff like it's got clean

title its unmolested meaning that if

you've ever looked for a used Miata

online you'll know that about 90% of

them aren't coilover shitty wheels or

stamp stout or completely beat to trash

so I'm basically just saying that this

car well has a couple modifications

isn't like a ricer you know fart can't

exhaust me out of like a lot of those

out there

I also mentioned cold air conditioning

because here in Phoenix Arizona that is

critically important during the summer

months I recently did the water pumping

timing belt which is a big maintenance

thing that you gotta do on these Miatas

and then I talked about the modification

so it's got a mission mode a three row

radiator Mishimoto fan shroud Mishimoto

radiator radiator hoses and B wheels

which is second gen Miata wheels with

good Toyo tires Jeep headlights which is

why I included this picture up here a

clean interior and no major dents or

dings on the body so that's just a few

of the pros that I thought of off the

top of my head I coalesce and Marv I

figured I would keep it shorter rather

than making it super super long so now

moving on to the cons and really to be

truthful about the Miata of my Miata

mechanically it's a very sound car

except for the couple things I'm going

to point out in the cons list but really

the big problem with that car is the

cosmetic so I said to the paint on the

hood and fender as the peeling clear

coat it really doesn't look the best the

front bumper is actually cracked down at

the bottom I figured I'd mention that

that's important there's some scratches

here and there so being a 24 year old

car it's it's gonna have some scratches

although really nothing super

significant front suspension does make a

noise from time to time and it has a

lifter tick every now and then which is

the common Miata issue as I'm reading

through my ad I feel like I'm just

advertising it to you guys I mean like I

said by the time you see this video the

car 99% chance will be gone from my hand

so this was kind of just like a spur of

the moment thing I said alright I'm

finally gonna list it for sale so I

didn't really I put it on my Instagram I

didn't roll

shove it up to you guys on YouTube so if

you're interested in it and it's gone

which it mostly will be I am sorry so

then I just kind of reiterate again that

it's not the prettiest car but it's

mechanically sound and has been a great

car for me a little bit of cosmetic love

and paint could really make this car

something special and then I've

mentioned that you know Miatas are known

for being such a fun car to drive so I

just figured I would throw that in there

and it really pains me to sell it kind

of showing that I really do like this

car and I wish I didn't have to sell it

I care about it and showing that I care

about it shows that I have taken care of

it and I haven't beaten it to crap over

the last couple of years so I throw in

there again at the end that's hard to


unmolested Miatas and this is pretty

much one of them and not it can be a

possible template for a project car a

track car drift car resto de lis

whatever you want to do this car you

know that's a great thing about me on as

I've talked about before you can do

anything with them so I figured I'd

throw that in there and I figured that

people reading the ad would look at the

car and see oh yeah I want to do that to

it and maybe give them some ideas and

make them want to buy it so that the end

I mentioned 3,000 or best reason will

offer message me with any more questions

and of course I added no trades cash


I don't want to deal with people trying

to offer me their shitty pickup truck

and five hundred bucks for that car

because actually like literally ten

minutes after I posted ad someone

offered me a trade so then I threw that

in there at the bottom and then some of

those wanted to offer me a check so I

just figured I'd put that in there at

the bottom just that way it's clear that

I don't want whatever crappy car you're

trying to sell me I just want to sell my

car and I just want cash for it but

there are some other things that you can

add to your advertisement whether that

be like including the VIN or a CARFAX I

didn't have anyone asked me for the

CARFAX surprisingly you could also

include how many owners the car has had

just just some more generic information

about it and really you learned how to

write an ad not necessarily from copying

what exactly what I did but just from

when you're looking for cars online you

can see oh this was a good advertisement

and this this one wasn't so good because

it just said clean title and then here's

a number to text me at and it had one

picture like what am I supposed to do

with that so I would say really the

biggest thing to do so I would say

really the biggest couple things when

writing an ad for your car whether it be

on Craigslist offer up or even a paid

site like bring a trailer is make sure

that you're including make sure you're

including as much relevant information

as possible anything major or semi major

I may turn to include in both the pros

and cons list or in the rest of the ad I

also major include all the major

information like what year it is how

many miles clean title etc all those

major information pieces about the car

and then of course your pictures are


having good pictures is what's gonna

make people click on the ad in the first

place most of the time because you know

if I see a blurry picture or some

picture of like one little specific spot

of the car versus a nicely taken nicely

photographed picture of the whole car

maybe even in a nice background or

setting I'm gonna click on that one that

looks a lot nicer first because your

mind just kind of automatically thinks

oh that's going to be a nicer car even

if it isn't necessarily so pictures are

huge too I don't really have a whole lot

else to say guys if you have any more

questions or want any sort of help

writing an ad for your car

go ahead and email me DM me on Instagram

those are both down in the description

box with that being said that's it for

today guys make you all so much for

watching if you enjoyed the video give

it a thumbs up okay all next time