How to Send a Letter

the world is a very large place

unfortunately not all of us are lucky

enough to live right down the street

from our close family and friends lucky

for us we have the kind people at the

United States Postal Service to help us

send letters anywhere we want to in the

entire world in order to send a letter

you will need a couple of things you

will need an envelope a pen a postage

stamp and of course your completed


in the center of the front of the

envelope you will need to write the name

of the person you are sending your

letter to beneath their name be sure to

put their street address followed by

their city state and zip code make sure

you write this in pen and make sure it

is very neat so that your letter does

not get lost in the mail

in the upper left hand corner of your

envelope you will need to write your

return address this is your name

followed by your street address city

state and zip code a return address is

important so the post office will know

who to send the letter back to in case

it cannot be delivered the last thing

you need to do is place your stamp on

the front of your envelope make sure it

is in the upper right hand corner

after you have licked your envelope and

made sure it is secure and shot you are

all ready to mail it

if you choose to mail it from the

mailbox at your house just be sure that

the red flag is up that way the mailman

will know that there is a letter that he

needs to take and deliver it's as easy

as that now you can sit back and wait

for a letter and return