Email Body For Sending Resume | Step-by-Step Email Body to More Interview Invitations

Do you ever feel confused about What To Write In An Email When Sending A Resume?

If so, you are not alone.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the three essential parts to the Email Body For Sending A Resume

PLUS, TWO BIG magic keys that can increase your hire ability by 25 to 40 percent.

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When Sending A Resume By Email, your number 1 goal is to entice the recipient to read

your attached cover letter and resume and invite you to an interview.

The body of your email, which is what this video is focused on, should include just enough

information to make the hiring decision maker say, “Ahhh, this is interesting.”

In most cases, this means keeping the body of your email message short and to the point.

The main body of your email message contains three parts: (1) Opening hook (2) Your compelling

evidence (3) Asking for an interview.

Let’s look at each of these separately, and remember to watch `to the end so you can

learn How To Ask For An Interview In An Email AND find out the TWO BIG MAGIC KEYS that can

increase your hire ability by AS MUCH AS 25 TO 40 percent.

The goal of your opening hook is to capture the reader’s attention and draw him or her

in to read the rest of your message.

I usually recommend being straight-forward and direct.

For example: Here are the top 3 reasons to hire me as Administrative Assistant.

I recommend including at least two reasons but not more than three.

Part 2 is the core of your Resume Email Body and is a listing of your top 2-3 most compelling

achievements demonstrating evidence why you meet or exceed the requirements for the job.

AND IT’S OK TO SHOW OFF A LITTLE BIT! [tooting horn] Let’s continue with the example for

an administrative assistant position: 16+ Years’ Experience Supporting My Boss.

Contributed to the success of my supervisor in multiple ways, including (1) preparing

departmental goals and financial updates for board reports; (2) drafting grant proposals;

and (3) serving on Administrative Council.

Top-Notch Event Organizational Skills.

Organized hundreds of events, outreach projects, volunteers and employees in completion of

various organization goals.

Strong Computer Skills.

Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Used Excel to track office budgets and travel arrangements for multiple individuals.

Notice the first part is a mini-headline in bold followed by 1-2 sentences.

A great way to build a strong list is take the job description for the position you want

and match each job requirement with evidence showing why you meet or exceed each requirement.

Then pick the top 2-3 areas you think are most important to highlight based on what’s

important to the company.

My attention grabbing cover letter video will lead you through a detailed step by step process

to help with this matching so be sure

to watch it.

The third part of your Email Body For Sending A Resume is asking for an interview.

You only need two sentences.

For the first sentence, I recommend you entice the reader to look at your attached cover

letter and resume by pointing out there are more good reasons to hire you than the two

or three you listed above.

Continuing with the administrative assistant example: You can read 9 more good reasons

I am well qualified to support you in your role as Vice President in my attached cover

letter and resume.

The second sentence asks for the interview in an indirect but very powerful way: I welcome

the opportunity to discuss the performance you can expect from me in person.


Obviously, the subject line, greeting and closing are all important and are discussed

in other videos so be sure to check those out.

And now … I promised to share two BIG Magic keys that can increase your hire ability by

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Magic Key #1: using industry buzzwords in your communication, including this email,

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The job description is a great place to start in determining which words are most commonly

used in the company you are applying to.

Magic Key #2: emailing your resume on Monday morning before 10 a.m. can increase your hire

ability by as much as 45 percent.

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