The importance of sharing and varying posts on LinkedIn

here at linked optimization we want you

to make the most of your LinkedIn

account in this video I'm going to talk

about sharing and varying posts on

Layton so in LinkedIn you have the

opportunity to engage further with your

audience by publishing your own content

whether that's photos articles videos

and infographics and by sharing other

work on there so understanding the

difference and utilizing them both can

get you more exposure followers and

connections for you and your business so

here we are in our profile page I'm just

going to go ahead to our home page here

so when you share an article or a piece

of content to a post of your own or from

someone else you're sharing an update so

it should be short and concise but it's

important to give some copy of your own

to give some context and to provide you

an angle and opinion on it so when you

click on shares we're just going to find

something that we want to share a little

bit of copy of the room here you have

the option of sharing it in a post of

your own or you can send it as a private

message so this is really great if you

see something that you think someone in

particular would like or it's a really

great way to start a conversation with

someone so in the commercial real estate

business is a vast network with a lot of

content being posted and shared so it's

a great way to tap into this and find

other perspectives and to show your

network and prospective clients that

you're watching what's going on and that

you're actively engaging with it so when

you're sharing something that you see or

when you're writing your own post you

have the option of selecting who you

want to view it or to share it with so

up here you can share it with anyone so

it can be completely public you can

share it with anyone and connect it with

your Twitter account you can just share

it with your connection such as people

within your network or with certain

groups so you've got a lot of options

and you can see all of your groups here

you can control all of these settings in

your privacy setting page so if you just

click on here it's a good idea to go on

there and just have a look at what

you've set up and see if there's

anything that needs tweaked and changed

it's really easy to change them we do

have a separate video on that if you'd

like to have a look

so if you click on public or anyone it

means that people who aren't new network

can follow you when they land on your

post and that just means it's extending

your reach so you can also add hashtags

to to your posts so as you can see down

here you've got the option to add

hashtags that LinkedIn have suggested

you might want to but of course you can

add in your own and you can also tag in

individuals and companies that you might

want to collaborate with on your post or

draw their attention to use to something

your sharing so um when you post

something new your connections will get

a red notification up here so that's

just just a really another way to

increase your visibility and how easy it

is to get in front of the right people

if you're publishing strong quality

content regularly so when you post on

LinkedIn um it's important to keep your

content buried so providing strong

images people are very visual and they

react to great relevant images and

videos these can explain what might make

a really long boring article or piece in

a fresh and quick way so infographics

are also a great way to capture people's

attention and position yourself as a

thought leader so you can add all of

these here's you have the option to add

a in your images your videos here and

your documents and so it's really easy

just to include them in your post um you

can also share PDFs and links to ebooks

that you might have created the options

really are endless and creating really

high quality content and activity that

position you as an expert so quite

simply the more you're posting the more

engagement you will receive but it is

important to make sure that you're

posting quality consistent messages and

as this will help drive the focus to

your brand and your business and and the

service that you're providing it's

really important not to make your posts

and the content that you're sharing too

spammy or a little bit too salesy maybe

avoid using I mind we a little bit too


as they seemed overly promotional and

people will be able to see through that

so I hope you've enjoyed the video

please like share and comment below and

if you have any further questions don't

hesitate to get in touch thanks very