Words of Condolences - Over 30 Touching Condolence Wording Examples

hello my name is Melanie Walters and I'm

the webmaster of obituaries help org I'd

like to help you write a sympathy

message or letter of condolence to

someone who's lost a loved one if you've

recently lost someone I want to offer my

sincerest condolences and with this

video I hope I can help you write your

own words of condolences in this video

I'll give you step-by-step instructions

that will make it easier to write out

your own sympathy letter sending a

letter of condolence is one of the most

loving things one person can do for


at such a time a good rule of thumb is

to sit quietly for a moment and place

yourself in the grieving persons

position use the KISS principle keep it

sensitive and simple using our examples

of words of condolence letters you'll

notice that there are eight essential

elements to a sympathy letter they are

number one recognize the loss number to

mention the deceased by name number

three convey your sympathy number four

recount any special qualities of the

deceased that you can recall number five

talk about your favorite memories of the

deceased number six point out the

particular qualities and strengths of

the bereaved number seven offers

specific help number eight conclude your

words of condolences letter with an

encouraging hope or wish so now let's

take a look at how we can apply these

eight essential elements to an sympathy

letter this is how it might look

dear Martha I am so sorry to hear about

your loss

George was a wonderful person and will

be sadly missed by all who knew him I

was heartbroken to hear the news and I

want you to know that my thoughts are

with you

I remember the gentle spirit and helpful

nature of George and will always

remember him as an exceptionally special

and giving person I remember the time

when we moved into the neighborhood

George came over and helped us lug our

things into our new home then he brought

over a home-cooked meal that night it

was a wonderful act of kindness which

I'll never forget there's a great void

to be filled by George's passing but I

know that the love that you and your

family share for each other and for

George will pull you through I know you

will honor his memory with that love and

the wonderful memories you share of him

I'd like to honor George's memory myself

by cooking you a meal on Thursday

evening and I could bring some pictures

that I have of that night when he helped

us move in there are some really great

shots of George teaching us how to

Morris dance may you and your family

find peace at this sad time

sincerely Melanie this is an example of

what to write in a words of condolences

letter use it as a guide insert your own

thoughts and feelings into your letter

speak from the heart

keeping these eight essential elements

in mind and you can be sure that your

words of condolences will comfort your

grieving loved one you'll find a

collection of samples for particular

circumstances and different

relationships at obituaries help org use

them in the same way as this example we

just spoke about get an idea of what you

can say and then write your own words of

condolences as they flow from your heart

thank you for taking the time to listen

to this and to write a part felt message

of sympathy I'm sure your loved one will

greatly appreciate your note