Good Things to Say When Leaving a Job

hello I'm Darryl Brown from Brown

consulting org and today we will discuss

good things to say when leaving a job

sometimes leaving a job especially a

difficult one makes it a challenge for

many of us to say good things about that

past employment but one thing to keep in

mind is what's important for you as far

as any future opportunities is that you

don't want to burn bridges as you're

seeking other opportunities later

because as they say if you speak badly

about a previous employer that future

employer were wondering will wonder what

are the things you're going to say about

them so keep in mind that even if you

leave a job that is has the less than

ideal conditions keep in mind these tips

that can help you to say good things

about your previous employer when you

leave your job tip number one when

you're leaving one of the most universal

things to say is that you're leaving for

growth opportunities which is true I

believe that anyone who leaves one job

for another is always seeking growth

always seeking ways in which to improve

upon themselves or looking for a better

opportunity for them whether it's

advancement and pay promotion or variety

of other areas and in that the added

benefit is always growth opportunities

so you don't have to say anything

particularly negative that you hated

your job and you just absolutely had to

leave because of that always consider

growth opportunities as one of those

good things you want to say tip number

two discuss that it was a great

experience for you so even good bad or

indifferent within that previous job

there's always something in that

experience that is good that you can get

out of that as far as your learning and

your understanding whether it's about

working for various types of super

visors or employers or co-workers that

may have been less than ideal in your

interaction with them it's a great

learning experience so keep that in mind

when you're discussing about your

previous employment not every person who

leads a job leaves under bad conditions

but overall it's good to know or keep in

mind or keep the right perspective that

anything that you learned there is a

great experience for you to improve upon

yourself and your work environment at a

future location tip number three discuss

that it's a challenging or it was a

challenging position and that you've

learned a lot from that experience and

so when we're talking about challenges

let's say that you worked a great deal

of hours or you worked with a difficult

employer challenging is okay but be sure

to keep in mind that if it was a

challenge tell them how it pushed you to

become a better employee and it would

come across a lot better to that future

in Florida I'm Darryl Brown from Brown

consulting org and these are tips on

good things to say when leaving a job

thank you for watching