in today's video I'm gonna be sharing

with you guys how to use bay leaves to

make your wishes come true hi guys

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on another video today's video we're

going to be talking about how to use a

bay leaf to make your wishes come true

so I used to see this a lot like people

showing why they burn bay leaves how to

burn bay leaves what to use it for and

then so slowly I started to kind of

research into it and then I started to

do it myself I tried it and let me tell

you guys it actually works it was

unbelievable and insane that it worked

so I wanted to share it with you guys

now if you guys are trying to manifest

something you know a lot of times we use

candles we use methods like fifty five

times five methods we use scripting

methods we use visualization vision

boards dream boards you know there's all

those techniques to manifesting and you

know putting your intentions out there

so this is basically the same thing but

you're just using an herb you're using a

bay leaf bay leaves are very very

powerful bay leaves are used to attract

money bay leaves are also used to

attract your desires and your wishes bay

leaves are used to increase abundance in

prosperity and love and just your life

in general so I'm gonna show you guys

how to use one little tiny bay leaf to

manifest your desires okay so what

you're going to need is a pen or a

sharpie marker I love using Sharpie or

red pen but red pen is very very

powerful to use as well so another thing

you're going to need is something to

burn your bay leaf in and now I do have

a video where I tell you guys all about

abalone shells in the power of abalone

shell I love to burn my bay leaves in

abalone shells because it it makes the

energy stronger it carries your

intention out into the universe stronger

it's very very powerful so I like to

burn it in the abalone shell and then

you're going to need a for store bay

leaf so what you're going to do is write

your wish

your intention on the bay leaf so you

can you can write your name and your

birthday and then you can write your

intention or you could just write your

wish just whatever your wish for it's up

to you what your spirit tells you how

your spirit wants to write it on here so

for the sake of this video and also for

you know just attracting a hundred bucks

I am going to write one hundred dollars

on this bay leaf and then I'm going to

burn it so I'm going to take my abalone

shell and then I'm going to take this

now usually I like to use a plucker so

that'll burn my fingers but for the sake

of this video I don't have my plucker

with me so I'm just going to burn it and

what you're going to notice is like a

loud crackling sound which is normal and

then it's going to burn or really really

quickly so be careful when you burn it

now after you burn it you are going to

notice that the air around you and the

air in the room smells very strongly of

bay leaves and then what you want to do

with the ashes is kind of up to you you

can go outside and blow the ashes into

the wind or you can just kind of throw

the ashes away you can wash it down and

drain whatever it's it's however you

want to get rid of the ashes but for me

I like to just blow it out into the wind

sometimes or I'll just keep it in there

until I'm like my abalone shell becomes

really ashy of burning incense and stuff

you know squash it but umm so yeah

that's how you would get rid of the ash

I hope you guys enjoyed this video I

hope you guys try it let me know after

you try it let me know the results

either here in the comment section or

you can email me if you don't want

anybody else to see it or you can head

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over there but thank you guys so much

for watching I hope you guys enjoyed

this video and found it helpful and


I personally believe in the power of

herbs in our everyday lives and so when

I started using bay leaves I couldn't

wait to share with you guys it's so

powerful it's so fun and it really

really works so thank you guys so much

for watching share this video with

anybody else that need

and I will talk to you guys in my next

one I