How NOT to Email your Resume | CV

welcome back aliens my name is Ivan

Verdi and in this video we'll talk about

how not to email your resume a last week

we have announced on different platforms

like Facebook Langdon on Instagram that

we are looking for interns and then you

can send your resume a or Savion a

particular email id and then we have

received so many emails in one or two

days it took us around three to four

days that's right it took around three

to four days for us to sort all the

candidates and then we have also replied

to some of the emails and while

filtering your emails we came across

some of the mistakes which you have made

while sending the email now the thing is

yes we all make mistakes while sending

email or while making a CV but this our

major mistakes which you are making see

the thing is when you ask any resume a

if you are applying for a job or an

internship you have to impress your

employer from day one you can't simply

send a resume and expect that your

employer will see your email and then

reply to you so you have to follow some

tips I can will not talk about what to

do we'll talk about what not to do when

you are sending an email so we have a

list here developed by my team so let's

talk about the first one so what not to

do so the most mistake that you have

done so we have in a ranking format here

which is no subject we have received so

many CDs without any subject the problem

is we are using the same email id for

the official use as well and every day

we get so many emails on the same

account and in those emails we have your

resumes with no subject we might have

missed so many resume a because of that

so you have to always always make sure

that when you are sending any email

doesn't matter is it a resume or

something always mention the subject

okay that's very important the next one

is the body some of the emails were only

having an attachment not even a body

okay in fact at least greetings

right at least send it by saying this is

my I am attaching my resume a and then

ending part so those things were missing

czar no body to tell you a second

mistake the third one is no proper file

name in fact yes when when we create a

document we normally say ABC dot PDF or

a b c dot dogs that's not how you name

your resume so you have to always make

sure that you name your resume upon the

example you can say and

ready CV on level 20 resume a or in fact

some some logical names because when we

downloaded is you may it should be

highlighted okay so in the moment I want

to open one base you may it should be

yours okay so make sure that you have a

proper name to your file the third

mistake is actually very funny the thing

is we have received an email that email

is awesome you know the subject was good

the body was also good in fact the

attachment if the file name was also

good what went wrong is it was a

forwarded email so maybe that person has

sent an email to some other company and

then he was so lazy instead of typing a

new email he's just forwarded the same

meal so now we know he varies applied

before right so don't do that never do

that the next mistake is actually is a

mistake because you're not sending your

as you may you are pasting you're

assuming on the email so you're not

attaching a document you are simply

pasting your resume in there it's not

wrong but don't do that send a file

because maybe we want to have the

collection of Seavey's in a particular

folder so if you send your email as a

text so if we have to cooperate we have

to get doc we don't want to do that

right so always make sure that you send

a file not a copy pasted email in fact

this is one more mistake some of these

subjects but that but the subject name

was the file name so let's say if you

are sending a BC dot PDF the file name

was a BC dot PDF okay don't do that so

when I say you have to put a subject

make sure that scepter of a subject okay

it should be at least form our site from

the employer side it should be easier

for us to sort all the emails based on

the job applications and then the last

one we were sometimes we were receiving

two emails one with the actual mail and

second one a blank mail why do you do

that why do you have to send a blank

mail so make sure that you don't do that

so there's one final tip which I want to

give you whenever you type or email when

you want to send it as you made don't

type the email id first normally that's

what we do right so we say two and then

we mentioned even though you don't do

that first type the subject or maybe you

first type the content make sure that

you have a subject dropper make sure

that you also have greetings right and

then at the end after doing everything

even you have to add also attach the

document maybe you can say please find

the attachment because Gmail does that

so if you say please for an attachment

and if you have not attached the


we'll give you up on that you are

sending an email but the document is not

attached so you have to make sure that

you type that and then attach the

document at the end mention the email

address and say send that's how you will

not make mistakes a good Ally so that's

the common mistakes which we have found

in the email list so make sure that you

don't do that next time so that's it

from this video I hope you liked it let

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