Dating a guy in jail (he's mine sis)


what's good YouTube it's a girl Lani 24

hey and today I'm here to tell you guys

how it is dating a guy in jail so let me

just see what it look like for one y'all

I have not I forgot about the giveaway I

promise um I just want to make sure that

everything is good [ __ ] y'all I can't do

this bad thing okay it ain't what I want

to make sure that everything is good and

that everything is fair and everyone

gets a chance to win kind of figure out

how to do it like the fairway so

everyone gets a fair chance to win some

notes here y'all because I started to

notice when I just like try to talk

about the video I get like side tray and

I started talking about like a million

other things so today I got me some

notes and let's go ahead and get into

the video the first thing with dating

the guy in jail is the first couple days

are so hard like I promise you like when

I first got the phone call that he went

to jail my heart was like oh my god like

I wanted to leave work I just started

crying like I just didn't know how to

feel it was just like what the [ __ ]

honestly I mean I've tried stop cutting

you off so


yeah yes or

really it's crazy and then the second

thing is like you spend so much money on

like phone calls just phone calls alone

now if you only let them like call a

certain amount of time when I let them

know like hey this is how much money I'm

putting on the phone I'm not putting on

more for this week I'm right you know

just to like a linear pairs of we friend

Helen on the phone y'all I added up how

much money we spent on the phone and

it's five hundred and seventy nine

dollars and thirty four cents he's only

been in there two and a half months

y'all that's a lot of money that's a lot

of money but we've actually like cut

back couple days he was in there like he

was calling me so many times so many

times a day and now we've like kind of

like cut back on you but it's kinda hard

cuz like he misses me and I miss him so

he calls me lots to the other thing and

if you're under age or you know I

wouldn't listen

but I'm cute all the way real with y'all

cause I love my youth I love my YouTube

man but the other thing is like big

breasts okay big press different record

and what you gotta say to the camera


it sucks okay another thing is that they

don't want you to go out and that's what

I kind of like a thing that I mean my

boyfriend a debate about cuz like I'm

not gonna lie to you and not tell you

that I'm not gonna go out because I was

gonna go out I didn't want somebody else

to lie something my oh I seen kailani

out so I saw him that I was gonna go how

we got like this big argument cuz I'm

breaking up with me but yesterday the

last minute on the phone card y'all okay

is only 15 minutes on the phone call

okay and he broke up with me the last


when I tell your artist and [ __ ]

out from eight to [ __ ] Z I

cussed him out like don't [ __ ] try me


bull we ain't got into it like that

whole day and then the next day it was

good I don't see the big deal with going

out because like I just be thinking like

I was enjoying you would not not go out

but I'm trying to like focus on like

like my business side right now so like

I'm not really worried about going out

like if I'm X about cool okay but I'm

not like oh I'm gonna go out yeah I'm

gonna go I wanna go I wanna go I like

I'm not doing on it cuz like I don't

really care but yeah they don't want you

to go out fit you try to break up with

me in the beginning of him going in

there because he didn't want like me to

feel like my life was being put on hold

or anything like that but [ __ ] we in

this together period period point-blank

okay that's my dog if the crazy thing is

like a couple days before he went to

jail we posted a picture on facebook and

like so many people was liking it so

many people were sharing so this guy

ended up sharing it and he was like

caption the caption said my dog for sure

like if y'all see any pictures that I

ever posted my boyfriend that's like a

little thing like that's my dog for sure

so the caption that the boy shared he'd

the boy tried to picture his caption

said the picture really needs to say

something I'm not some [ __ ] like we

he went to jail like I was gonna leave

or something like that and I everything

made me mad because he the boy was

playing wait man you mad because like so

many people who was trying to be paid in

stuff like who didn't like me was like

laughing at it and stuff like he keke

[ __ ] yeah whatever but like you don't

like you don't know me and I don't play

them little tragic stands and I feel

like as I do like you shouldn't play

them childish games unless your ass is

gay like you shouldn't be

[ __ ] just always trying to be funny

she don't seem funny sing game so that's

bad I know the hammer doll was like all

you have is like memories of you guys

like I always look back at the pictures

of me in him sometimes it makes me sad

sometimes the dead win but sometimes it

makes me happy but like I have so many

pictures that's why I always take

pictures like pictures means so much to

me because I guess that's like memories

and that's all I have like lions in

there I like the pictures and the

memories because I can go see him y'all

but it's like video visitation place

that stinks so bad so like you gotta

drive to the place and you have to do

video visitation so I talk on a computer

stand still the phone that you grab like

this and it's a computer and he's like

in the Jill so it's like totally

separate which I think that's because I

wouldn't be able to hug him thank you

the visitation place stinks

y'all it the Jeff smells worse than the

detention place like I could never ever

ever go to jail like the visitation

place thinks so frickin bad like I'm not

even exaggerating like it's the extol

bad job and every time every time you

leave visitation well every time I leave

essentially I'm so sad because it's like

I'm gonna take you with me like like I

just want to pull your ass is a screen

like bring away I miss him so much

so I be sad every time I leave

visitation I've actually cried a couple

times at visitation because you miss

them so much and I get to talk to you

five 40 minutes on this little screen I

don't even get to see you I don't get to

like hold your hand or like just see you

face to face you know what I'm saying

even with like a glass screen I got to

see you and do a computer and y'all

could do my face

mitem thing is I don't you well you

don't have to do it but this is what I

do I guess because I'm gonna understand

the person I know I will keep our stress

down they go through things and you know

people handle stress different ways so I

said they're like you have to be

sensitive to their feelings because

they're stressed me and him could have

hair like so many arguments but I avoid

them by going like just taking a

different route

maybe like a choice of words or what I

do just avoid arguing with him we're

like putting more stress on him than he

already has

even though it's not my fault that he's

in there I just wanted I just don't want

to add to the problem or be the stress I

want to be like a sense of peace to him

they love letters he loves when I send

him a letter like if it's a really good

letter it'll make his game like I can

hear the you know smiling his voice or

whatever when I sit him when later

especially a good one I love when he

sends me letters it's like I'm not gonna

come I mean I will compare it's like

Christmas I'm that extra oh I love when

he sent you letters because I just like

reading them and a lot of people like oh

yeah he'll talk to y'all talk but the

same thing that he was doing before

or the same thing he was saying before

when he was out or like the same thing

he was saying that anything now

so it's not really gel talk for me and

maybe for some girls but not for me

females posting them and y'all that was

a big thing for me because actually

before he went in we kind of had like a

disagreement about some things as new

females alone because in him but I don't

care about that like how I was I was

like okay cool sis but like why you

posting is you're gonna go since um rain

cuz I don't hit that would money you

want to throw it you and 2060 I don't

characters go ahead period go ahead

I don't care under that says I don't

care about no pulses I don't care about

any of it because I know that comes

people post things to like kind of get

you and your feelings or kind of like

throw you off a little bit or people

probably did have like a bond with him

or something before I came around you

don't understand like I haven't been

around that long so I'm sure like

they're people who he was cool way and

stuff like that so I don't even know

Trevor his job whatever face a girl you

sweeten about him but I care

care but um she actually sent him a

carrot pack in a care package guys it's

nothing like food and sometimes they

have like it's so fing lotion to face

and stuff like then the foods contain

like noodles and tuna and Mike sausages

clay and cookies and you know like

snacks and stuff like that but the girls

named him one and he told me so like I

didn't even give me a good like he told

me like that's a big thing there with in

a relationship like as long as you

communicate there's no reason why y'all

should have like any problems unless

there was a misunderstanding of the

communication but as long as you

communicate that's what guys don't

understand like all your girl wants you

to do is communicate what you let her

know stuff I did find out though that oh

he called her and look like okay now you

pushing it a little - a little too far a

little - okay

like if a person do something for you

that's cool but what you don't need to

be doing is calling another [ __ ] expert

or anything like I got de Pury

I do feel like a couple poles with like

girls like saying stuff about

and with him he was like on the news

zone you know people were saying stuff

but I was so upset from me like I

couldn't even like found myself to even

get mad I like that because I was so

upset about him being in there like yeah

this is my best friend like I was with

him every day

y'all every day like this is really my

best friend it was they took my best

friend away from me and like it really

like hurt my feelings like so much and

then someone else I posted a picture and

I was like yeah you can go ahead and

drop your gun reduces because like Johan

under my boundary that's 200 so go here

and drop yours you know I'm not arguing

it I mean I like to argue but in that

situation like I'm not gonna argue with

you I'm really not gonna argue with you

about only good day I'm still gonna keep

missing it so by the door the door I had

went on Twitter y'all and I was just

like hey baby mama the derivative isn't

the visitor like just I was loud I want

to talk to Sheree I was ranting cuz like

Twitter is where I go to like vent kind

of I don't vent too much but I vent a

little bit and so that was where the

words she commented that on my pictures

that's where everyone can see so I sent

the Twitter where that's why I meant

that like I don't like to post my

business on social media but whatever at

that point you had already laid

everything up so I just knew everybody

knows where and then she's

screenshotting my tweet job and she

posted it on her page and she was like

see this type of [ __ ] that I don't like

her some [ __ ] like that I don't remember

what exactly that it said but it was

like this type of [ __ ] I don't like or

something like that it's just like [ __ ]

stalker yo girl I already have one

Saunders alive but you'll stalker like

you watching my pages like I don't

I ain't gonna sit here in front like I

never watch gonna pages and nothing

before but like where you shot myself

posted on your page like just like right

knee for rib so I wrote her and like I

hate people being in my business like I

so much like I really hate people being

in my business

yes I let you guys know a lot I don't

let you guys know everything that was I

hate people being in my business for

real like I love you guys and I'll share

mostly to almost everything which all

but not not certain so certain stuff I

don't share and I definitely hate

arguing with a girl in like um or like

social media I just don't like that so I

unboxed her and I was just like you know

why do you keep why are you lying

what do you like what are you trying to

get out of this like I'm just trying to

figure it out what are you trying to get

out of here and I'll insert this

screenshot show y'all Kareena

or maybe I may come back later and read

them because I kind of gotta hurry up

maybe I'll come back later and read them

but I made I was had an insert them in

and that was that exceptions on me I

think on one of the pictures she said

she would spit on me I don't even play

the [ __ ] game none of that like I

know to do some house don't spit on me

like if you want if you really want to

react not to me

spit on me because that's you don't get

my most definitely okay I do not play

about spitting [ __ ]

I don't play about that I don't even

play I don't like for real do not spit

on me I'm not even playing like did you

talk all you want to say this sound only

say I'm I'm a Jose I'm broke say

whatever you want to say but do not spit

on me I cannot boy and don't send by my

shot and no sooner my my girl

those are like three ways to piss me off

and my mom there's four ways

but yeah then that happened and like I

didn't I honestly really didn't wanna

get into it with her because I'm the

type of girl like I don't wanna I'm

serious I take a relationship serious

and I knew that I wanted to be serious

with him so like I don't wanna I don't

want to get into it with your child's

mother like I don't I don't even want to

have that type of you know the type of

female like if you need anything let me

know I'm not I'm not messy I'm not how I

got your [ __ ] unless you make me be

like how I got your [ __ ] cuz then I

could be like really petty for really

but I didn't want to do that I want to I

want to start growing up and I want to

start growing up and being wrong about

situations and like you know handling

stuff like how women she understood but

that can't happen when you know feelings

are mobster yeah

love you like a gang this will probably

be aw I'm gonna go ahead and get this

edited for you guys so I can get it post

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