we're talking about love letters get

excited people the first thing I do on a

tell you guys about love letters is yes

this is my guide to love letters but

don't be like Tina I'm single on

Valentine's Day like I just don't have

anyone to write a love letter to that's

not what I'm talking about

you can have a lover and write love

letters to them or if you don't have a

lover you can write to your imaginary

partner and use the leveler time to

manifest them to call out to them in to

the world as they looking for you where

are you or here are the things I can't

wait to share with you so you can write

to an imaginary lover whoever that may


and voice express your love to a family

member a friend a teacher a pet it could

be anyone in your life that you feel

like could use some extra ovary now so

when I'm talking about love letters I'm

not just talking about like actual

lovers I'm talking about the people that

you love in your life is perfect so this

video is going to be split into two

parts the first part is really going to

be and the second piece of the video is

going to be about the writing aspect of

what do you need to know in terms of

writing to make a growth great leveller


why are you right instead of thinking

about yourself and about that other

person think about that as your main

audience right what a vein needs is here

right do they need some companies do

they need some reassurance didn't you

need just for like mushy gushy Levin

everything you can poetry did he need

some Beauty right do they need some


so think about was M and then tailor

your kind of letter towards what you

think that that person might need to

hear social media is fast letters are

slow letters are super old school right

mail mail and like that I think


fountain pens I don't have some time by

the way I feel like love letter should

be written in fountain pen so if you

have any fountain time recommendations

living on the comments below

anyways use the slowness of the letter

to your advantage rate like what what is

different about this than attacks method

freeze specialty can hold it they can

fold it they can touch it they can put

it somewhere special use the slowness of

the writing to get your point across as

the letter goes on so you might now want

to just drop the I reading bomb right

away kind of maybe say all the other

things that you like from them and then

kind of work in that to be I love you to

this is something that's a little bit of

a tease like string them along

maybe briones is an information a

certain points for ketchup weights

around the letters expressed some kind

of compliment shares something that you

love about them something that excites

you something that you admire about them

let make their hearts feel like all that

goop always glows others feels or tell

them why you're grateful that they're in

your life or the things that you learn

from them about being around them all

the time a letter in itself is

vulnerable we don't write letters

anymore it's kind of scary to do it so

so establishing openness in yourself and

into sharing yourself so that could mean

like sharing a secret sharing something

was found that maybe you've never told

them before making them feel like you

are trusting them like you are bringing

them into your world and when I think of

letters I think of distance right like

two people separated from

Bhushan or some things express in your

words what you wish that you could do

with that person do to that person where

you wish you guys could be so maybe you

could talk about place that you would go

and just describe your dreams it's a way

of dreaming together so to speak or

letting them into your letting that

other person into your your wishes and

your hopes and your dreams as you are

together contrast so in writing in

general you wanna have some kind of

contrast but particularly in love

letters usually what works really which

works great is describing like where you

are right now but usually we you would

be and showing them the difference of

how their that person in your life or

that dream in your life will make you

feel this way versus how you feel now

also like lifting lifting lifting

lifting lifting and then at the end like

a pop up I love you or like a short

sentence what you could do is have it

something kind of rhyme and then have

one thing like this not right so that

and that really will pop out on the page

that's a great example of contrast what

I find with rhyming is that you can lean

into the humor I think humor and the

letters is great I when I when do you

want me love letters and babble things

like so serious and like heavy like the

dark romantic kind of thing whereas I

think like poetry especially really

cheesy rhyming poetry I think it's

hilarious and I think you can even amp

that up so you're going to go to humor

route like pump it up love is joy joy

love so so how can you bring joy in

someone else's life and I think humor is

a great way to do that and you can train

through poetry or you can just try it

through telling them a funny story or

joke in your letter thank you so much

for joining me I hope that was helpful I

hope that like made you feel like

inspired right to express yourself and

share your love with others also want to

know like if you end up writing a love

letter feel free to send me a picture of

it via Twitter or Instagram or delete

comment down below with your contact

info I would love to look at your love

letters and like reading your specials


like when you see and you wanna see more

if you like what you see and I