How To Write A Love Letter

hello everybody my name is Chris Jordan

and today I want to talk about love I

want to talk about a specific type of

way to let that special somebody know

that you actually care about them and by

that I don't mean send them a million

heart emojis in a row because that

really just is not cutting it anymore I

think we need to get back to our

traditional ways of letting people know

that we love them so welcome to the do's

and the don'ts of love letters you see

this this is production value prop in my

video I'm I'm doing better now the do's

of writing love letters is pretty simple

just simply write them I'm telling you

your girlfriend or your boyfriend is

going to appreciate this handwritten

letter so much more than that long

goodnight text that was so sweet or the

text they got to wake up in the morning

yes that'll make them happy for maybe

like I don't know 30 seconds but if they

have this piece of paper that they can

go to whenever they want to it's gonna

make them feel so much better and that

you know you actually care about them

because you took the time to write that

and when you write long things your

hands cramp up and if someone's willing

to let their hand cramp up for you

that's true love so sit down take out a

piece of paper take out a pen or pencil

and just start writing a love letter one

important note about writing a love

letter though is make sure that you find

that undiscovered poetic version of you

and make sure that whatever you are

writing will make them swoon over you

and make their heart jump and be very

sweet because you can write love letters

or you can end up just writing a letter

it's probably not a good idea to write a

letter where you're just like yeah babe

yo girl I loved you since the first day

I started looking at you from the front

to the back no I'm saying I just wanna

say I love you to Mars and back love CJ

I need an anvil oh but if your

significant other likes messages as

simple as that you should probably just

put a ring on it right now but if

they'll hate that then take the time

find a good way to write things if that

involves googling something I'm not

saying that I've ever had to Google

something to say to somebody

so the do's as I said very simple sit

down and write a love letter and make

sure that it is in fact a love letter

you're a poet I know you are and if

you're not Google is your friend so now

let's talk about the don'ts this is very

important if you're going to spend the

time writing a love letter and if you

mess up here your relationship is either

going to go quickly down the drain or

just in completely your life might

possibly be over and you're going to

give a love letter to that special

someone do not and I repeat do not give

them that love letter until you have

proof read it check for grammar with the

microscope and giving it to your English

teacher to grade because if you mess up

any of the spelling things can be very

bad yes you can reuse the wrong with

your or their those are simple mistakes

but honestly if you don't know how to

spell this what are you doing with your

life but what I'm talking about

is way way worse check the way that you

spell things things may sound one way

and you think that they're spelled that

way but they're not one example and this

is not happen to me thankfully but I've

seen it on the internet a lot cologne if

you like someone's cologne spell it

correctly see o L o G in E please don't

spell it like : because I don't know if

you're familiar with what the difference

between Cologne and colon is you should

should look it up are just sitting there

you're reading a love letter talking

about how great you want everything and

this person's like I love the smell of

your colon that would freak me out

because I'd be like when did you was i

sleeping was I what what is wrong with

you so that's just one example of a

misused word that I've met

experience but the next one is a

personal experience many years ago I was

dating a girl and we had been dating for

like a month we were basically in love I

wrote her a love letter for her birthday

and for Christmas um it's pretty sweet

she wrote me one back and I was like oh

this is great

everything was good I'm talking about

how she liked hanging out with me

everything and then came a line where

she was like I love the way that you

hold my waist and at first I was like oh

that's sweet and everything but then I

looked closer she misspelled waist waist

is in like your waist as an as in this

but what she actually wrote was waist

she loves to way that I hold her waist

that did not happen I promise you I'm

seriously not it's that I don't know

what it is about misspelling things when

writing love letters always having to do

with stuff down in that region I was

like this is such a good love letter

then I got to this and it ruined it and

we did last much longer after that and I

want to say that this has to do with it

because if you can't spell right I don't

know if I can trust you and that's

really all I have for this lesson on

writing love letters simply just write

them make sure that they are love

letters and for the love of everything

good in the world please check your

spelling if you are writing a love

letter and you need someone to check

your spelling I will do it for you I

don't want you to go through that

embarrassment okay so that is my video

for today let me know down in the

comments the weirdest thing you've ever

received any love letter and do you

write them I hope you have a great day

and I hope that this video is going to

assist you in some form of way and if

not well then nah then my mother was

right and I'm good for nothing please

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my name is Chris Jordan and I will see

you later